Foods that are harmful in the second heat


Desk Report :: There is no substitute for eating fresh food to keep the body healthy. But nowadays many people like to save food and eat it due to their busy schedule. It also saves time, and fills the stomach. However there are several foods; Which can cause various physical ailments.

In nutrition, raw vegetables are considered to be the most nutritious. This is because the nutritional value of food is lost when it is cooked. So food is needed to keep the body healthy; Similarly, it is necessary to eat fresh food.

There are many foods that we refrigerate once cooked. In this regard, health experts say, the body can deteriorate quickly as a result of eating stale food. Let’s find out which stale foods are most dangerous for the body-

1. Mushroom fiber and enzymes help in digestion. It also increases the activity of beneficial bacteria in the gut. It also helps to increase the absorption of nutrients in the colon. And so once the mushrooms are cooked and eaten stale, they are harmful to our stomach.

2. Many people cook a lot of chicken at once to save time. But chicken meat should not be eaten stale. Because chicken meat contains a lot of protein. If it is reheated after cooking, the composition of the protein may change and it may cause indigestion.

3. Once the tea is cold, it should not be reheated. Because tea contains tannic acid. This can damage the liver once you drink hot tea.

4. When rice is cooked, Bacillus serious bacteria is formed in it. Reheating cooked rice can double the number of bacteria and cause diarrhea.

5. When potatoes are cooled after cooking or boiling, a bacterium called botulism is formed in them. Later when it is heated again; Then these bacteria can grow further and lead to food poisoning.

. Eggs contain protein and anti-oxidants. If the egg curry is reheated after cooking; Then toxins will be made from it. Which creates the risk of indigestion.

. Spinach should not be heated after cooking. This vegetable contains extra nitrates. Reheating cooked spinach can easily get harmful toxins into the body.

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