Based on our current situation, it is important to stay in the league.


Çaykur Rizespor coach Marius Sumudica stated that it is important for them to stay in the league according to their current situation and said, “My goal is to finish the league in 12th place this season. We want to finish the league 7-8 with the team we will build next year.”
Çaykur Rizespor continues its preparations for the Aytemiz Alanyaspor match, where it will play on Saturday, February 6 at 16:00 in the 24th week of the Super League, at Mehmet Cengiz Facilities.


Answering the questions of the press members before the training in green and blue, Coach Marius Sumudica said that they did not deserve to win the last match in Kasımpaşa.
Sumudica stated that they need to solve the problem of getting a goal from standing balls, “Maybe we were 1-0 ahead in the Kasımpaşa match, we should have finished there. It is not acceptable to score a goal from a corner and a free kick in the last two games. We went ahead 1-0 in the Kasımpaşa match, but then there was a foul against Dilaver, and then the ball did not come out of the corner anyway. But this was another mistake of the referee. But the real fault was ours. In the standing ball, the corner was inside the underpad and the player cannot hit it. I can’t accept. Still, I’m glad we only scored 2 goals. They both came in fixed moments, on standing balls. One came from the corner, one came from a free kick; we can solve this problem by concentrating more, with more care. I am not a teacher who enjoys talking about the past. I want to say something to the people here because the people here are very friendly, just like me. For the last 16 years in my life, in my career I have always worked a team, no hike. I did not live at home at the moment. I came here because I trust and believe in the potential of this team. I also loved the city, there is everything you need here; mountain, sea. But if you do not get results, none of these are enough, “he said.
Explaining that he predicted that the players will be in better physical condition when he came to Rize, Sumudica continued as follows:
“But at the moment the situation is unfortunately not like that. I made a test; this team is not doing very well physically. I do not want to put this responsibility on the back of the technical committee that worked with this team in the past. There are also 9 players from the covid. They are completely exhausted. 2 You need 2 weeks to come back when you stay in the room for the week. I had to play the players directly from the Kovid. You will see that this team will improve day by day. If you ask me, we won 1 point against Kasımpaşa. In our current situation, I see 1 point as a win. And if I could be in the hut we would have won this match. I have to be more careful in the future, I am aware of that. I am like a prize for all the referees right now. Everyone is happy when he throws Sumudica. From today I will never give them this opportunity. I will not talk to them. I will talk to my team. “

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