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January 31, 2021 – 16:24

Channel 3 held a comeback of justice! “Pao Bun Jin” looks like it won’t go out of trend Every Monday – Friday at 3:30 AM and Saturday – Sunday at 2:50 AM on Channel 3 press 33 PM, starting broadcasting on February 7.

It is believed that many people cannot forget even though the time has passed with the series “Pao Bun Jin 7, the Heroic 5, the Dharma”, the familiar word “Witness” or “Than Pao” starring “Jin Pao”. Chao Qun, the one who holds justice is the first! Which is a real person in the Song Dynasty and “Chan Chao” starring “He Jiajing”, who holds the title of nine cats that fans love, also has a good actor, such as Fan Hong Xuan, Kong Sun Che, Chen Haomin, Wang Sha. Tea, Jiang Hongen and Liu Beiqi will revisit your memories with an undeniable legendary series! With a concentration of thought, investigation and action

“Pao Bun Jin” nobleman with honesty That although the examination could be a noble, but with the old parents Therefore has not yet joined the government service Until the parents left this world and then entered the service Pao’s approach to holding this position is To bring the drum into the duty to make all people who have been in trouble to cry to restore justice and cleanse the innocent. No matter how complicated the case is Pao was able to unravel it all. This series will have a total of 8 cases, starting with the Haunted Angels, executing Phang Yi, the Five Noo Pung Dharma, the young warrior Ai Hu, the great battle over Ouyang Chun, the execution of His Highness, the Three Martial Sakul Ding And executed Bao Mian

The not difficult inquiry at the Kaifeng Court for the most legendary series “Than Pao” returns to the screen once again with “Pao Bunjin, 7, Hero, 5 Great” on every Monday – Friday. Time 3:30 AM and Saturday – Sunday at 2.50 AM on Channel 3 press 33 PM, the first broadcast begins on February 7.

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