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Glenn Maxwell says incorrect decisions are robbing BBL fans

#Melbourne #Stars batter #Glenn #Maxwell has claimed that the spate of incorrect decisions by BBL umpires calls for a dedicated review system.

#He told SEN that the lack of DRS has been a huge talking point this season and players and fans are asking for it to be used not only at the international level.

“#Early on I said I wouldn’t mind going all out and having all the bells and whistles,” he said on SEN #Summer #Breakfast.

“#But I think when you can see a lot of the dismissals that could be overturned just by a quick glance, there’s probably some (scope) to use what we have at the moment.

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“#Let’s just have a quick look and see if we can notice anything, I think we’re having too many of our star players in the BBL getting rough decisions and that’s costing the fans who want to watch the best players.

“#If you get a decision that might not be right, it might be robbing them of their money.”

#Maxwell’s teammate #Nicholas #Pooran, from the #West #Indies, has been a stand out during this season with #Maxwell saying he is in awe of #Pooran’s skills.

“#It’s pretty incredible,” he said.

“I suppose that I was lucky to share a changeroom with him in the IPL, even in training some of the stuff he can do is so much better than everyone else.

“#When we were able to sign him, there was a lot of excitement around our staff knowing all the power he has.

“#We knew he’d take the BBL by storm, but we probably didn’t think it would be to that extent that early, but gee it’s good to watch.”

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