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the “very slow” start of vaccination denounced by the Academy of Medicine

“There is no more time to wait”. The #National #Academy of #Medicine regretted #Thursday, #December 31 the “very slow” start of the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus. The institution also deemed “excessive” the precautions taken by the government.

#Started #Sunday in nursing homes, the vaccination campaign is being implemented “gradually”, notes the #Academy. #It is indeed necessary to respect a process of obtaining consent, as look for possible contraindications in a fragile population and keep the patient under observation for 15 minutes after the injection.

“#This extreme caution is assumed by the health authorities who rule out the possibility of simplifying these procedures during the preliminary phase. #It is sanctioned by a very slow start of the program”, adds the institution in a statement. #With a hundred people vaccinated in three days, she estimates “the first assessment difficult to defend“compared to other #European countries.

#Simplify vaccination-related procedures

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“#Adopted to reassure a public opinion won by hesitation, these excessive precautions risk on the contrary giving rise to a growing incomprehension vis-à-vis a campaign whose kick-off seems to lack determination”, insists the #Academy.

“”#France deplores more than 64,000 deaths from the coronavirus, of which nearly a third are in the high-risk population who need to be vaccinated within the next eight weeks. #Faced with this observation, the national immunization campaign must be exemplary in a country which has contributed so much to the elimination of infectious diseases through vaccination. “The institution therefore recommends”simplify and shorten the vaccination procedures as much as possible in nursing homes “.

#She also pleads for the first phase of vaccination to be deployed “as a priority” in the most affected departments and for “transparency” of the state of vaccine stocks. #This would make it possible that “the implementation of the vaccine strategy does not appear to be dictated by the vagaries of delivery”.

The slow start of the vaccination campaign in #France, with less than 200 injections since #Sunday against thousands in #Germany or #Italy, arouses criticism and incomprehension in the political class and among certain doctors. #Yet the government is embracing its strategy. #This favors “pedagogy”, explained the #Minister of #Health #Olivier Véran, last #Tuesday on #France 2: “we collect the consent of people before they are vaccinated. I believe it is a pledge of confidence“.

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