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LIVE – What course for 2021? Follow Emmanuel Macron’s wishes


#In a long thread, the #Minister of #Health #Olivier Véran responded on #Thursday to criticism of the slowness of vaccination, recalling the entire process put in place “to organize everything under good safety conditions”. “#Rest assured. The vaccine campaign will soon gain momentum. The vaccine is a historic chance to end this pandemic and return to normal life. #We will not miss it,” he promised. “#We know how to organize a mass vaccination.”

“#We have decided, at the same time, to accelerate the protection of priority audiences. #As of #Monday, caregivers aged 50 and over who so wish will be able to be vaccinated in centers already having vaccines”, announced the tenant of 14 avenue #Dusquesne. #It was initially planned for the end of #January according to the schedule established by the executive.

“#In addition, before the beginning of #February, the 1st vaccination centers will open in the city, to start vaccinating people aged 75 and over, then 65 and over, etc.”, he added, while vaccination centers were not, until now, a priority strategy for the government.

“The vaccine is an extraordinary opportunity, we must not fear either to be vaccinated or not to have access to it. #Gradually, everyone can be protected, in order of priority, as the vaccines are delivered to us”, said #Olivier Véran. “#In transparency, all the information will be made available to the #French: number of vaccines delivered, tolerance, efficacy. #We will win this battle, together!”

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