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Health and social on the menu of Moroccan dailies

#Posted on 12.31.2020 at 11:18 am by AFP

The vaccination campaign, the advent of the #New #Year and the generalization of social coverage are the main subjects commented on by the #Moroccan dailies published this #Thursday. + The #Economist + wonders “#So where have the announced vaccines gone? », #Adding that public opinion is growing impatient as the images of starting vaccination campaigns multiply around the world.

“#Here we are devoid of and at the mercy of suppliers with uncontrollable agendas, some think. #It is probably in relation to the reliability of the products, answer the vaccine-skeptics. The subject takes a tragic turn given the latest developments: the appearance of a strain of virus which pleads for the acceleration of vaccinations so as to avoid even greater catastrophes, ”he writes.

#This is not the first time that the response to the pandemic is conditioned by a question of supply and / or available stocks, recalls the publication, before hammering that it is “always possible to console oneself by observing that the shortlist of manufacturers is poorly provided … #When the questions are far from being exotic and the issues engage the sovereignty of a country, the worst, however, would be to learn nothing from them ”.

+ #Al #Bayane + writes that “we are all really looking forward to leaving this year 2020 which, fortunately, makes its last sighs”.

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#We will have lived, throughout the rest, the specter of a terrible pandemic plague bringing evil and disarray, demolishing the turbos of the economy and devastating life and the future, explains the publication, noting that the viral crisis will undoubtedly have been a great lesson in conscience to call into question a number of behaviors in terms of the precariousness of public policies, in particular health and national education.

“A new year which will have broken, without respite, with a bunch of political, social and economic dysfunctions slowing down the smooth running of our country”, adds the newspaper.

“#It is this new year that we will want so ardently so that its dismal counterpart is no more than a bad memory and that the next day is synonymous with health, prosperity and progress,” he concludes.

+ #Today #Morocco + underlines that the site of the generalization of social coverage took an unexpected and damaging turn as soon as it arrived in the political sphere. #For a few days, deputies and advisers have been arguing over the status of leader of the project in terms of legislation, recalls the daily, deploring that the main subject no longer concerns the content of the reform itself but rather who is empowered to steer it at the level of the laws that will govern it.

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