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Youth unemployment rising sharply despite “a hiring dynamic”

A Pôle Emploi agency. – Pascal Guyot

  • Young people looking for work are living the full impact of the health crisis.
  • However, several devices reserved for this category of population allow recruitments to continue, want to reassure those involved in employment.

Not easy to be 20 years old in 2020. While distress is expressed among students, the health crisis does not spare young people seeking employment. So much so that in Pays-de-la-Loire, the unemployment rate for those under 25 has increased “in an unprecedented way”, even more than for the rest of the inhabitants of the territory, indicated the actors of employment this Thursday. According to the latest figures from Pôle Emploi, the number of job seekers (category A) under 25 has jumped 17.7% in one year. That is five points more than all age groups combined.

However, even if it is not enough to reverse the curve (linked in particular to the fall in temporary work and short contracts), “a dynamism of hiring” would be hidden behind these bad figures. “Despite jobs that are disappearing in the face of a growing population, the recruitment of young people has continued, wants positive Jean-François Dutertre, director of the Direccte des Pays-de-la-Loire. This year, 65,073 were recruited on CDI or CDD for more than three months. This is more than the previous two years. “

Specific devices

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Driven by the government, the mechanisms of the “One young person, one solution” plan explain these results.  The  hiring bonus of 4,000 euros, paid to employers for the recruitment of a young person under the age of 26 (extended until the end of March), has for example already been requested 15,000 times. As for the Youth Guarantee, this allowance paid to those who undertake to follow a path of integration, it was paid to 3,300 Ligériens (8,600 will be concerned in 2021).

If catering or tourism are among the most affected sectors, “there are still a whole lot of promising professions where young people have a chance, when we work with them on skills, wants to reassure Alain Mauny, regional director of Pôle Employment, where 92 counselors deal specifically with young people. Construction, logistics, transport and even the food industry are still sectors in tension. In the third quarter, in the region, hiring intentions jumped 80%, after falling 46%.

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