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Travelers under the magnifying glass of Ottawa | COVID-19 | The gallery

The Canadian Press does not identify this source because it has not been authorized to speak publicly on discussions that have so far been kept secret.

It would be an exchange of information between various agencies and ministries about people returning to the country.

Last Monday, the Government of Canada announced that it intends to propose legislation retroactive to January 3, so that international travelers who must self-quarantine upon their return to Canada are not eligible for either. another of the Canadian economic stimulus benefits during their compulsory isolation. These benefits can be $ 500 per week.

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However, legislation cannot be tabled before the end of January when parliamentary work resumes in the House of Commons.

Exchanges of information between border services and other government services in Canada about returnees have taken place since 1992, in particular to uncover employment insurance claimants who have not declared travel abroad. while they were receiving benefits.

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