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Laura Smet as a child: Nathalie Baye moves the web with an old memory

Nathalie Baye is in a nostalgic mood. Close to her fans, it is on social networks that the actress gives her news. If she loves to share funny videos of animals in all their states or passages from films, Laura Smet’s mother reveals snippets of her life through old family clichés. Among them, memories of her in the arms of Johnny Hallyday, or her only younger daughter.

Followed by nearly 62,000 subscribers, the icon of French cinema holding four César unveiled an adorable photo of the eldest daughter of Johnny Hallyday, dating from the 80s. On it, the little sister of David Hallyday, aged d ‘about three years old, tenderly kisses his mother, with whom the resemblance is striking. “Nothing better than finding a photo that we had forgotten ..!” Wrote Nathalie Baye in the caption of the publication, liked more than 10,000 times in just a few hours.

Nathalie Baye fans moved by a photo of Laura Smet

“Superb photo”, “Beautiful photo”, “Nothing better than the arms of her child as a neck strap”, “Magical and unforgettable moments … The kisses and hugs of our toddlers”, “Look at these little ones beauties “,” A real kiss of tenderness! ” or even “A very beautiful family photo. You are both very touching”, “Oh little chip”, can we read among all the admiration comments left by his fans always enthusiastic to discover old photos of Laura Smet . The latter soberly replied to her mother under her post with an emoji heart.

At 72 years old, Nathalie Baye discovers the joys of grandmother’s life with little Léo Jean Didier, baptized in honor of her two grandfathers. A big step for the actress who confided to Madame Figaro: “To have a child is to discover a love that we did not know until then, there is something of the order of the unique. And if we want to do things well, all is not easy in education, but the difficulty is interesting “. Far from being an intrusive granny, she said: “I find the mother who is there all the time and who takes care of everything unbearable. From the moment our child has entered adulthood and he to his life, it must be respected ”.


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