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Jean-Pierre Pernaut tackles vaccines for his return to television, discover his words!

The least we can say is that Jean-Pierre Pernaut does not keep his tongue in his pocket, as we could again see in his brand new program yesterday on the LCI news channel: Jean-Pierre & You! But while everyone expected to see a news date, everyone was quite surprised to see that the reporter hadn’t expected his outspokenness which fans of the 1pm newspaper appreciated. for years… Even if he changes format, Jean-Pierre Pernaut is ultimately the same on LCI.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut: a week after Marie-Sophie Lacarrau replaces him, discover his opinion!

It’s an exceptional back-to-school week for Jean-Pierre Pernaut, the former presenter of the 1 p.m. newspaper on TF1. Indeed, since Monday January 4, it is now Marie-Sophie Lacarrau who succeeded her, and the reactions were not long in coming. On social networks first of all, we do not count the number of impressive comments on the brand new presenter who has not finished talking about her.

Indeed, Jean-Pierre Pernaut was one of the most outstanding figures on TF1: he hosted the 13-hour newspaper for several decades, so much so that today the most loyal viewers will be surprised to find Marie again. -Sophie Lacarrau if they missed the very last presentation of the 1pm newspaper by Jean-Pierre Pernaut just a few days ago. In this first week of January, everyone was waiting with the greatest impatience the first reactions of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, and as you will see, these did not take long to wait.

It is indeed Nathalie Marquay, the wife of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, who reported the reaction of her husband Jean-Pierre Pernaut in Touche Pas à Mon Poste concerning the new version of the 13 hours newspaper on TF1. According to the couple, the new presenter is doing brilliantly, she would indeed be “great” according to her! For his part, Jean-Pierre Pernaut was especially noticed with a new shocking statement!

Jean-Pierre Pernaut: he is still speaking on the coronavirus with a shocking statement on vaccines!

It was yesterday, in his brand new program Jean-Pierre & Vous on LCI, that Jean-Pierre Pernaut made a new statement that we risk remembering for a very long time. During his program where he gives the floor to the French on very controversial subjects, the subject of vaccination was approached without any taboos.

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Indeed, while the vaccination of the French population is at the heart of all discussions, it was an opportunity to put opinions sometimes very divergent between the French. But at the heart of this discussion, we could also hear Jean-Pierre Pernaut speak on the subject, especially after the broadcast of a subject after the big failure that took place in Nice recently.

Indeed, some needles that were sent by the state as part of the vaccination campaign in Nice were simply not the right size. Jean-Pierre Pernaut did not need more to react and criticize this catastrophic government action. Moreover, he recalled in a very dry way that the government was effective in producing the famous guide of about fifty pages, but not in vaccinating the French population which is in demand!

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