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WandaVision to introduce multiple MCU Phase 4 storylines

WandaVision will be the first production of Phase 4 of the MCU. The mysterious Marvel series should therefore play a key role in the general plot of this new saga.

It won’t be the movie after all Black Widow, plus the Disney + series WandaVision which will kick off Phase 4 of the MCU. With the adventures of the Scarlet Witch and her companion, Marvel should begin to introduce important elements of its upcoming films and series.

Wanda and Vision reunited in MCU Phase 4 series premiere – Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Kegin Feige had already announced it, WandaVision aura a direct link with the events of Doctor Strange 2. From its title, we know that the film will explore the “madness” side of the Marvel multiverse. In WandaVision, the Witch seems to have created a completely crazy universe in which she herself seems a little lost. We can therefore imagine that his loss of control of his powers could have an impact on the reality Doctor Strange will face. The latter, who will play a role of mentor for Wanda in the film, could therefore certainly help her understand what happened during her adventures in the Marvel sitcom.

WandaVision: the catalyst for the Phase 4 multiverse?

It is known that the Sorcerer Supreme will also be a mentor for Peter Parker in Spider-Man 3, who will come out before Doctor Strange 2. If we still do not know anything about the plot, the revelations on the film’s casting confirm that the next adventures of the spider-man will also plunge us into a somewhat crazy mixture of realities. Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will indeed be joined by that of Andrew Lincoln and Tobey Maguire, as well as Miles Morales. We will also find Electro (Jamie Foxx), big bad of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Again, it’s possible that Wanda’s crazy manipulations in the Disney + series are playing a role in this cocktail of Spider-Man universes never before seen in the MCU.

In addition to the heroes Wanda and Vision, the show will bring back the screen Darcy Lewis, which we saw for the last time in Thor : The Dark World. In an interview, the director of WandaVision Matt Shakman said the young intern has now become a doctor, “A real expert in her field”. If for the moment his interpreter Kat Dennings does not seem to appear in the cast of Thor 4, it is not impossible that this return in WandaVision don’t be punctual and for Darcy to make other appearances in Phase 4.

WandaVision to introduce SWORD organization in MCU

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WandaVision will also introduce new characters, or at least a new version of these characters. We will indeed discover a Monica Rambeau adulte, played by Teyonah Parris. The actress will also be in the cast of Captain Marvel 2. It is therefore almost certain that his actions in WandaVision will affect her role in the further adventures of Carol Danvers.

Finally, we know that phase 4 will count among its villains the Skrulls, who will be at the heart of a series adapted from the comics Secret Invasion. These invaders will be fought by the agents of SWORD, which got a brief glimpse in the post-credits scene of Spider-Man : Far from home. WandaVision will reveal more about this agency which includes Monica Rambeau. The series will therefore be an opportunity for Marvel to introduce this organization known to comic book fans, but still new in the MCU.

The series finally consisting of 10 episodes will certainly be full of key information for upcoming Marvel productions. Fans now only have a few hours to wait. WandaVision debuts tomorrow on Disney +.


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