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Samsung WW90TA026AE test: an accessible and easy-to-use washing machine

The Samsung WW90TA026AE accomplishes its mission honestly, but without shining too much.

Of course, there is nothing he can do against the trace of lipstick, which is always so difficult to remove. Carbon in powder form or mixed with water is still clearly noticeable on our test strips, as is the drop of blood, which is always very visible. Even if they are well faded, the coffee and wine drops are still visible a little but, fortunately, the other soiling (theatrical blood, carrot, ketchup …) are well removed.

Obviously, it is the household linen cycle that gives the best results thanks to the high water temperature (60 ° C). Surprisingly enough, the normal cotton program at 30 ° C loaded at 80% of the maximum load is a little more efficient than the same cycle carrying only 3 kg of laundry. It is very likely that the duration of the operation is involved since the first lasts about 90 minutes while the second reaches almost 3 hours.

This should come as no surprise, but the 15-minute express cycle can only be used to refresh laundry long forgotten in a closet; it is totally ineffective against encrusted stains.

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