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the government’s avenues to limit contamination


During his weekly press conference on Thursday evening at 6 p.m., Jean Castex is expected to announce a series of measures to deal with the coronavirus epidemic. The Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, will also be present at this press conference to discuss the subject of schools, where concerns are strong about the Covid-19. At this stage, we would not be moving towards drastic decisions in schools, such as their closure, but towards targeted measures to strengthen the health protocol in place.

Picnics in class?

The most significant problem in schools is that of meals, the most risky moment since this is where the students take off their masks. The emerging solution would be to distribute picnics in class, provided by the schools, to prevent the students from going to the canteen.

However, this device requires additional staff. Local communities say they cannot afford it and have already cut meal times, changing the menu to dishes that are easier to serve and faster to eat. On the side of SNUipp-FSU, the first union of primary education, we insist on the need to have hot meals rather than cold.

A test from the first case of Covid-19

The other proposal on the table is that of stopping indoor sport, in gymnasiums, a time when the students are without masks. Finally, in college and only for the fourth and third classes, the scenario of a transition to hybrid education is approaching. This consists of half face-to-face and half distance education. This organization, already in place in seven out of ten high schools, will be maintained in secondary schools.

On the health side, there is one certainty: the new rule will be to systematically test students and teachers as soon as there is a positive case. Previously, the number was set at three positive cases. For this to be effective, there must be more volunteers: the government is launching a communication campaign on Monday to encourage players in the educational world to be tested.

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