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Qualcomm offers some of the best CPU engineers on the planet

Qualcomm announces the $ 1.4 billion acquisition of Nuvia, a startup that was born barely in 2019. A high price but which allows him to afford known and recognized skills.

Founded in 2019, Nuvia is a startup specialized in processors for servers based on ARM architecture. Despite having less than two years of existence, Qualcomm will pay $ 1.4 billion to acquire it.

An astonishing sum spent to ultimately acquire “server” skills from which the designer nevertheless separated in 2018: at the time, Qualcomm indeed nipped in the bud its ARM processor for servers, called Centriq, which had just been presented. and introduced to the market. The company had decided on a restructuring and budget savings plan and had laid off 1,200 employees including those attached to “server” activities in which it no longer believed.

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But now, in two years the market has changed and the ARM architecture has infiltrated computers, AWS Cloud servers and HPCs.

So change of plans at Qualcomm, which now seems to want to reconnect with the world of servers and accelerate on PC processors while Apple surprised everyone with the performance / price ratio of its new macOS machines in Apple Silicon M1.

By acquiring Nuvia, Qualcomm is not acquiring a brand, nor a range of products, nor really technologies. The large sum put on the table is above all intended to acquire the rare skills that make the specificity of the Startup. It was indeed founded by Gerard Williams III (the former Head of Architecture CPU of Apple), Manu Gulati (creator of Google SoCs) and John Bruno (former of Apple, Google, AMD and ATI ), Syrus Ziai (formerly of HP, Qualcomm and PsiQuantum), Jon Carvill (former of Intel, AMD and ATI, having already stayed at Qualcomm) and Anthony Scarpino (past by AMD, IBM and Apple).
“Big names” who had set themselves the mission with Nuvia to reinvent silicon processors to create IT platforms redefining the notion of performance at the heart of modern data centers.

Last September, Nuvia raised $ 240 million in Series B (after an initial fundraising of $ 53 million in 2019). The startup’s solo adventure was short-lived. Here it is now integrated into the fold of Qualcomm, which will be able to reposition itself on the market for server CPUs and SoCs in the era of 5G.

« Leadership in processor performance will be key to defining and delivering the next era of IT innovation explains Gerard Williams, CEO of NUVIA. Combining NUVIA and Qualcomm will bring together the best engineering talents, technologies and resources in the industry to create a new class of high performance computing platforms that will redefine the boundaries of this industry. ».

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