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Well-being: here are some perfect foods to fight against the cold

In recent weeks, the drop in temperatures has accelerated. To avoid falling ill and especially to warm up, we turn to the most common methods. We rely on the technique of multilayers, which consists of dressing with several layers of clothing superimposed to retain heat. We also cover the extremities as a priority, namely the head, hands, neck and feet.

Unused rooms in the house are also closed to conserve heat. Practicing physical activity also slightly increases our body temperature. Clearly, all means are good to fight against winter temperatures. Watching the contents of your plate is also a good way to fight against the cold, according to the dietician and nutritionist Elsa Orivel.

Elsa Orivel explains that the body adapts normally to external climatic conditions. When temperatures are low, the thyroid, namely the thermometer of the human body, and more precisely its hormones regulate body temperature so that the latter is maintained at a constant value to ensure the proper functioning of the organism.

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To produce energy and therefore heat, the body draws on sugar reserves and then attacks fat. Result: calories are burned and we tend to be hungrier. “In winter, it is possible to eat a little more than in summer so that the body can store up. But be careful, this does not mean that you have to binge and eat fatty dishes all the time, such as raclettes or tartiflettes, which can lead to rapid weight gain, ”says the dietician.

Which foods to favor to fight against the cold?

According to the nutritionist, it is necessary to have a balanced diet adapted to winter to withstand winter temperatures. On the menu when it’s cold? Soups, broths, soups and soups. In terms of food, we focus on seasonal vegetables, namely leeks, squash, carrots and potatoes. You can also incorporate vermicelli, which thanks to their carbohydrates make it possible to hold out during the day. “These dishes, which do not contain bad fats and few calories, protect against the cold because the hot liquid remains in the stomach for a while and heats the organs,” explains Elsa Orivel.

The dietitian also advises to focus on foods that contain algae, seafood and fish, such as salmon. The reason is simple: they are rich in iodine. This chemical element is present in thyroid hormones, which regulate our internal temperature. Conclusion: a good iodine intake is essential so that the thyroid, which is highly stressed in winter, can continue to play its role of thermostat and that we can fight against the cold.

It is also recommended to consume oilseeds, such as walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts or even chestnuts, when it is cold. These foods rich in essential fatty acids, omega-3 and trace elements, such as selenium, also support the work of the thyroid.

Another food to favor during the winter period: spices. The nutritionist recommends garnishing our dishes with turmeric, cinnamon and ginger. According to her, these spices are our best allies in winter because, thanks to their anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, they “create more activity in our body” and promote blood circulation, which will produce heat. Rice, pasta and whole grains also fight against cold snaps because they gradually diffuse energy in the body and therefore heat.

Garlic and peppers also protect against the cold because they take time to be digested. Digestion of these foods will create heat and warm the body. Chili pepper also helps to slightly increase body temperature. Thanks to its active compound, called “capsaicin”, the pepper activates the production of heat of the body. “Fruit compotes, to be enjoyed warm, also act against the cold”, specifies the dietician.

What to drink when it’s cold

In terms of drinks, we put on an infusion with ginger because this “alicament” (the contraction of food and medicine) promotes blood circulation and warms the bronchi. Another drink: green tea. It helps fight against cold snaps and eliminate toxins. Elsa Orivel also recommends drinking chai tea, a drink that contains cinnamon and ginger. “These drinks, which can be drunk once or twice a day, keep the body warm and also fight against cooling the body,” explains the nutritionist.

What foods should you avoid during very cold weather?

When it is cold, it is better to avoid consuming salads every day. Raw vegetables, such as cucumbers or tomatoes, are not recommended in winter, because in addition to being cold, they are easy to digest. We also avoid eating sandwiches because they are cold, do not contain enough nutrients and are high in calories.

Fight against the cold: which drinks are not recommended?

Elsa Orivel advises against drinking alcohol to warm up. Although alcohol can help withstand very low temperatures, it is not a solution to fight the cold. On the contrary, it promotes dehydration and hypothermia and weakens the body. We also limit our coffee consumption to “a daily maximum”, when temperatures are low, because this drink tends to reduce the feeling of cold. “You should not drink more than three or four cups of coffee per day, to keep only the benefits of coffee and not to fall into excess which has effects on the nervous system”, recalls the dietician. Hot chocolate does not contain caffeine, but it should not be overused because of its sugar content. “It warms us up in the moment but be careful not to make it a habit,” she says.

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