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David Clarinval in favor of partial border closures

The coronavirus contamination curve has not exploded but is still rising again, especially in the capital. However, according to what epidemiologist Marius Gilbert said on January 9, the current situation in the country would not undeniably lead to a third wave. An opinion that does not share Charlotte Martin, infectious disease specialist at CHU Saint-Pierre: “The number of contaminations is increasing in the population. And I think it’s pretty clear in everyone’s head that hospital admissions do not increase until two to three weeks later. On our side, he didn’t. It didn’t take very long after the resurgence of cases for us to have new admissions daily when we had hardly any more. We recognize the signs and it really scares us for the start of the third wave. “

Rather than advising against travel abroad, shouldn’t we then close the borders in an attempt to contain the spread of the virus? On this question, the justifications differ but all converge on the same point: the outright closure of borders would be difficult to achieve. “Travel has always been a problem”, assures Emmanuel André, microbiologist at KU Leuven. “And we know that this legitimate desire to escape will always be present during the Carnival holidays. But reducing everything that is movement to the strict minimum is necessary. We have no choice and we should already act now since we know that measures like these take time to be implemented. “ According to him, the government’s too lax decisions have only systematically revived the epidemiological phenomenon.

David Clarinval, Federal Minister for Independents and SMEs, and Maxime Prévot, mayor of Namur and president of the cdH do not believe in a total closure of borders either. “Behaving in a very selfish way (when traveling, editor’s note) when traders are closed and nurses work day and night raises questions”, reacts the federal minister. “But we closed the borders during the first confinement, which created a series of problems, for the border areas for example. It is clear that if we close the borders, we must still allow people who work to across the border, for people with family or shared custody of children to travel. You have to be careful. “

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“We must not lose sight of the fact that if we want to allow the population to support the measures, we need clarity in the communications but also that the measures are not excessive”, indicates for his part Maxime Prévot. “I am not convinced that decreeing a strict border closure is realistic, notwithstanding all the exceptions that exist. First, let us not lose sight of the fact that for foreigners, it is Belgium that is problematic. Second, the fact to be forced to stay within our walls will not be compatible with the fact of only being able to rub shoulders with one person.This will give rise to an explosion of pretexts not to respect the rule and it will not serve the health cause. “

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