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New measures, new reports and highlights: an update on the latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic around the world.

– WHO Emergency Committee on Variants –

The emergency committee of the World Health Organization meets on Thursday, two weeks in advance, to discuss in particular variants of the much more contagious new coronavirus, which worry authorities around the world.

The number of countries and territories where the variant initially identified in the United Kingdom is now found is 50 and it is 20 for the variant identified in South Africa, according to the WHO. A third mutation, which Japan announced the discovery, could impact the immune response and requires further study, according to the organization, which mentions “a disturbing variant”.

– First death in China for 8 months –

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China recorded the first death from Covid-19 in its territory for eight months, health authorities announced Thursday.

The death occurred in Hebei province, where several cities were recently placed under lockdown.

The last death linked to the pandemic in mainland China was in May 2020.

– Reconfinement in Portugal –

Portugal will be subject from Friday to a second “general” confinement to curb the epidemic, which has reached new records in the country.

In Tunisia, general confinement is to come into force Thursday for a period of four days.

– Curfews and school closures in Havana –

A 7:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. curfew goes into effect Thursday in Havana, where schools will be closed, as well as bars and restaurants, due to a resurgence of coronavirus cases.

– Record balance –

The United Kingdom recorded 1,564 additional deaths from Covid-19 on Wednesday, a record since the start of the pandemic which brings the total death toll to 84,767 deaths, the highest in Europe.

In Spain, 38,869 confirmed cases and 195 deaths have been recorded, which is also a record since the start of the health crisis, for a total of 2.176 million cases and 52,878 deaths.

USA: 10 million people vaccinated –

Some 10 million people have received a first injection of one of two Covid-19 vaccines authorized in the United States, US health authorities reported. This represents about 3% of the American population.

According to the WHO, in 36 days, some 28 million doses of vaccine were injected in about 46 countries around the world.

– 270 million vaccines for Africa –

The African Union has obtained 270 million anti-Covid vaccines for the continent, which most countries cannot afford to finance the immunization of their population, South Africa, which holds the presidency, announced on Wednesday. rotating AU.

Agreements to help African countries finance the purchase of these vaccines have been signed with the pan-African Afreximbank (Africa Export-Import Bank) and the World Bank.

Africa has recorded just over 3 million cases and more than 74,000 deaths, according to official data, but several countries are facing a virulent second wave, such as South Africa, the country most affected with more than 1.2 million cases and 35,000 deaths.

– Putin orders a mass vaccination –

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the vaccination of all categories of the population to begin next week, claiming that the vaccine designed by his country was “the best”.

– Pope Francis vaccinated –

Pope Francis, 84, was vaccinated on Wednesday on the first day of the vaccination campaign organized by the Vatican microstate.

– Nearly two million dead –

The pandemic has killed at least 1.96 million people worldwide since the end of December 2019, according to a report established by AFP from official sources on Wednesday. More than 91.5 million cases have been officially diagnosed.

The United States is the country most affected with 384,277 deaths. Brazil follows with 205,964 dead, India (151,569) and Mexico (135,682).

The number of casualties worldwide is globally underestimated. It is based on the daily reports of the national health authorities.

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