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“Are you alright, Melun’s Cary Grant?”

Novelist and director David Foenkinos played reporters for Paris Match on the set of “OSS 117: Red alert in black Africa”.

It is the most anticipated French film of 2021. Nicolas Bedos (“La Belle Epoque”) replaces Michel Hazanavicius in the directing of the third part of the favorite secret agent of the SDECE (External documentation and counter-service) espionage), Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath, better known by his name of OSS 117 agent. After Egypt and Brazil, this time he was sent on a mission to East Africa, in 1981, at the height of his known as “Françafrique” … Jean Dujardin of course resumes his most famous role and has as playing partners Pierre Niney, who plays the promising 0SS 100, Fatou N’Diaye and the late Wladimir Yordanoff. Special envoy to Kenya for Paris Match, novelist and director David Foenkinos was the privileged witness of a shoot like no other. Extracts.

“… At nightfall, Nicola Bedos is delighted:” It’s not common to see giraffes and zebras coming home from work … “

“… I put myself in a corner and observe Jean Dujardin. We feel his happiness to navigate in such a setting. He said to me: “I am an outdoor actor, I am a Labrador…”

“… During our conversation, Jean continues his hilarious number and Nicolas ends up letting him stay:” Are you okay, Melun’s Cary Grant? … “

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Video: “OSS 117: Red Alert in Black Africa” ​​trailer

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