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LG upgrades its OLED televisions and heals its LCDs with mini-LEDs

LG is not just OLED. If the Korean manufacturer has of course unveiled the successors of the CX and BX, it has especially launched a new range of televisions with an LCD display.
Traditionally known under the name Nanocell, it is equipped, as with competitor Samsung, with mini-LED lighting and an appropriate name: QNED (for quantum nano emitting diode).

10 new models, half in 8K

In total, ten new QNED models are joining the manufacturer’s catalog. These do not make the traditional Nanocell offer disappear, which at the same time becomes LG’s entry level.
As for the QNED offer, it has five 4K models, from 65 to 86 inches and five 8K models from 65 to 86 inches as well. The strong argument of this new family of TVs from LG is obviously mini-LED technology.
As with Samsung or TCL, the principle consists in using much smaller diodes on the panel which manages the lighting of the panel. QNED televisions should be much thinner than Nanocells, but above all they should offer much better brightness and contrast than recent LCD generations.
LG indicates, for example, that its 86QNED99, that is to say the 86-inch 8K model, will carry 30,000 LEDs distributed over 2,500 lighting zones (dimming).

Finally a cheap OLED?

On the OLED part, LG unveiled its new generation called Evo. The particularity of the manufacturer’s new panels is to be much brighter than the previous ones and to include the latest version of the in-house processor, the fourth generation Alpha 9.
In addition, in addition to the traditional B, C, H and G series, LG is launching an A1 series this year, which is the most affordable gateway to OLED technology. As for the diagonals, they vary this year from 48 to 83 inches depending on the model.

Web OS 6.0 loves video games

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Whether for OLEDs or QNEDs, other novelties are to be expected. All the new models will run on the latest version of Web OS (6.0), for example. It presents a revisited interface with more space dedicated to the user’s preferred content but also substantial improvements such as automated sound management to have a harmonization of the sound level whatever the chosen source.
LG is also launching a new, more streamlined remote control with redesigned keys. Indeed, it now includes a key to activate the AI ​​house ThinQ. As for Alexa and Google Assistant, they have dedicated shortcuts. This is also the case for the main SVOD services. The new remote control incorporates buttons to directly launch Netflix, Prime Video or even Disney +. Salto was not invited to the party.

As with its models last year, LG has made a point of making its TVs the perfect companions for the game. The new models will have two or four HDMI 2.1 ports (depending on price), and will be ALLN and VRR compatible.
Finally, almost all will integrate a new mode dedicated to the game, the “Game Optimizer”, which will allow you to change the parameters very precisely according to the type of game but also the desired options. When it comes to gaming, only the new OLED A-series is an exception. The most accessible model in this technology will have neither HDMI 2.1, nor the “Game Optimizer”.

We will have to wait a few more weeks to have all the new references from LG but also the marketing dates and prices of the new models. But the tests of these new models are already promising to be exciting.

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