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Camille Froment (Les Marseillais) pregnant and separated from her darling rapper? His enigmatic messages

A few months away from welcoming her first child into her life, Camille Froment should be on cloud nine. Unfortunately, the former candidate for Marseillais appeared very distressed on her social networks. Without ever going into details, the young woman of 24 years evokes several times the betrayal of a person dear to his heart. A person who could turn out to be rapper Dadinho Leybou, the father of his unborn daughter.

The hardest part is seeing that you give your all to someone who forgets you from one hour to the next. I have given everything everything I have given everything for people and in the end, even when I am pregnant, degun cares about me. I feel sick, she apologized by message. I will never understand so much wickedness, ignorance, neglect. (…) If only you knew. The only person I will give everything to now is my daughter and no one else. I can only count on myself. My life hurts, my heart hurts but I’ll get up for sure. “In a second Instagram post, Camille Froment continues to share her incomprehension facing someone who would be capable of”to be so false, to lie so much” from his view. “And I don’t even tell you about the betrayal in it all cause it’s worse“, she adds. Camille Froment tries despite everything to reassure by making the promise to recover from this painful ordeal. And for her to conclude:”With these nice words, I’m going to close my eyes and connect with my daughter because she must have felt that I was sad tonight, she sends me lots of little knocks. I love her so much already, I can’t wait for her to arrive and change my life forever. I can’t wait to know unconditional love, the one who will never fail.”

I make radical decisions

Faced with the many messages received after this enigmatic speech, Camille Froment spoke in front of the camera in story this Wednesday, January 13. But the news was no better. “In general, I realized that it is not because we want things to be a certain way that it will be. We can give ourselves body and soul to make it happen the way we want, there are things that we cannot control in life. It is like that but it does not matter. The most important at the moment is the baby“, she confided. Camille is then positive, relativizing by thinking of the support of his relatives and his fans.”That’s why I actually have everything to be happy. So, I want to have a good end of pregnancy, I don’t want to worry, that’s also why I take radical decisions in my life but which will be beneficial to me I think. I want to think of myself, of my daughter, of moving quickly from here …“, she announced.

So his darling Dadinho would it have been wrong? Will she raise her daughter on her own? The mystery remains for the hour …

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