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Mercato: Atalanta without mercy for Gomez – football

Put in the closet due to a quarrel with Gian Piero Gasperini, Alejandro Gomez is leaving Atalanta. Problem, the will of the Argentine striker collides with that of his leaders, who do not want to give him the slightest gift.

Gomez is in the Atalanta hard.

From banished heroes. Emblematic Atalanta captain, Alejandro Gomez is going through one of the most complicated times of his career. Indeed, the Argentine striker, who almost came to blows with his coach, Gian Piero Gasperini, was shelved. Forgotten during the last five meetings of the Dea, the former Catania player will, unless the situation turns around, set sail in this month of January.

An Italian cador? Out of the question for Atalanta

Problem, its leaders have not finished giving it white hair. While the latter have sided with their coach, they will not accept to see their best offensive asset join any club. Gomez, despite his 32 springs, remains an ambitious player and still wants to play in the Champions League. Preferably in Lombardy, or in the north of Italy, where it has been perfectly installed since 2014.

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As a result, the South American has only three options: Juventus, interested in his arrival, and still in contention in the most prestigious of European competitions, but also AC Milan and Inter Milan, which, except surprise , will find the C1 during the next exercise. Three prime destinations … that he shouldn’t be joining this winter. And for good reason, his superiors, aware that Atalanta has become a major force in Serie A, refuse to strengthen a direct opponent for the first places.

Gomez promises revelations

According to Sky, if Gomez leaves, under contract until June 2022, there is, it will only be to join a second-tier Italian formation, or a team abroad. On the other side of the Alps, only Paris Saint-Germain seems moreover interested in the arrival of the Albiceleste, estimated 10 million euros. A challenge certainly exciting, but his advanced age could quickly be a brake in a workforce where the offensive players are all, except Angel Di Maria, under 30 years old.

While waiting to find a way out, Gomez could also sharpen his fangs in order to make his management pay. Dear Atalanta tifosi, I cry out to you because I have no way of defending myself and speaking with you. I just wanted to tell you that when I leave everyone will know the whole truth. You know me and know who I am. I wish you well, your captain , he explained in December. promised to move …

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