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Berlin (AFP). Five obstacles to the vaccination campaign against Covid-19

Too few doses, storage difficulties, administrative burdens, mistrust of the population: the deployment of the vaccine against Covid-19 comes up against several obstacles around the world.

. Still insufficient doses

The production of vaccine doses is struggling to keep pace with their conception and authorization in record time.

Due to a lack of sufficient stocks, large vaccination centers in Berlin and New York were slow to open their doors. Others have still not been inaugurated.

In New York, one million doses have been delivered, for 4 million people meeting the vaccination criteria.

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Under pressure, the European Union has doubled its pre-orders of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and the first doses of Moderna’s have been delivered, while a third vaccine could be authorized at the end of January. Some 600 million doses should be available in the coming months.

German BioNTech promises to deliver 2 billion doses by the end of the year, 700 million more than expected, by administering 6 doses per vial instead of 5 and opening a new factory.

In addition to these shortages, there are sometimes other shortcomings. In France, twice as many syringe needles have been distributed as doses, making some of the injections impossible.

The question also arises for the bottles. But the German Schott, one of the main manufacturers, assured AFP to be able to deliver enough vials for 2 billion doses this year.

. The storage challenge

The messenger RNA vaccine, a medical innovation used by the two products authorized at this stage in Europe, must be stored at ultra-low temperature.

The one from Pfizer / BioNTech even requires -70 degrees for a long time. It can then be kept between 2 and 8 degrees for five days, which leaves little room for maneuver and sometimes requires recourse to resourcefulness.

In Bavaria, part of the doses were transported to camping coolers. Hundreds were lost in the first few days for fear of a break in the cold chain.

In Bulgaria, the first delivery of doses was made at the end of December in refrigerated vans of a sausage manufacturer, fueling public suspicion.

Spain was unable to receive doses at the end of December because of a “temperature” problem in a factory in Belgium.

The height of bad luck in Spain, impressive snowfall led to an interruption in air deliveries to Madrid.

This problem is particularly sensitive in India, which aims to vaccinate 300 million people by July.

Respect for the cold chain must be guaranteed by the mobilization of 29,000 temperature-controlled storage points or 41,000 freezers.

. Bureaucracy

This criticism is particularly strong in France to explain the delay in ignition against European neighbors.

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