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Emmanuel Macron: the results of a busy 2020 and the challenges of 2021

The end of 2018 was shaken up by the yellow vests crisis, that of 2019 by the challenge of the pension reform and strikes. 2020 is undoubtedly the year by the #Covid-19 pandemic. #Emmanuel #Macron sends his wishes to the #French this #Thursday evening and no doubt that the pandemic will still occupy a good part of his speech.

The news is not reassuring and businesses that are still closed risk seeing their hopes of reopening in #January dashed. The tone should therefore remain serious, but probably less martial than at the start of the crisis. The president should nevertheless highlight what is considered to be a success in our camp at #European level: the adoption of a recovery plan based on a common loan of 27; a first – even if the crisis has also shown the difficulty of the #Twenty-Seven to coordinate on measures to face the pandemic – or the signing in extremeis of a post-Brexit agreement with the #United #Kingdom described by the ‘EU as “balanced” and “guaranteeing #European interests“.

A tone that may also want to be more unifying. #It must be said that the year 2020 was not only marked by the health crisis: the denunciation of police violence, terrorism; these files have been added to the concerns and divisions of the #French, already faced with an unprecedented crisis, and the difficulty of supporting confinements.

#This year, the president thus wished to attack the sovereign domains, by specifying his strategy to fight against radical #Islam. #Which is also a way of not leaving the field open to #Marine #Le #Pen on this ground, two years before the presidential election. #But his defense of #Charlie #Hebdo cartoons has aroused the wrath of some #Muslim countries, which accuse him of stigmatizing #Islam.

#But what about its popularity in #France? #Overall over the year 2020, the average of polling institutes shows a better satisfaction rating overall than in 2019, the year of the yellow vests crisis. #But its popularity rating remains below 50% and is far from the levels at the start of the quinquennium.

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#If we compare two IFOP polls, one in #December 2019 and the other carried out in #December 2020, #Emmanuel #Macron has won a few points among supporters of #France #Insoumise and the #National #Rassemblement, even if these two electorates still reject him. more than 80%.

#But it is among the right-wing voters close to the #Republicans that #Emmanuel #Macron collects the most favorable opinions (48% at the end of 2020 against 37% at the end of 2019), behind the sympathizers of the #Republic in #March. #Figures that represent an indication for 2022.

#So on the program tonight, assessment of the year 2020 but also projections towards 2021: the vaccination campaign, the slowness of which is already arousing criticism, the revival of the economy and more generally a message of unity. A year that will also be marked by the regional ones. A new test for the party of #Emmanuel #Macron, which failed in the municipal elections to bring out heads at the local level, in the face of the green wave.

The environment should also be on the program for this year. The #President of the #Republic announced the holding of a referendum to include the preservation of biodiversity, the environment and the fight against climate change in article 1 of the #Constitution. #This is one of the files where environmentalists accuse him of being late, five years after the signing of the #Paris #Agreement.

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