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Millau: 18 patients and 5 agents positive for Covid-19 in a hospital ward

The cluster concerns the long-term care unit (USLD) of the #Millau hospital center. A #Covid-19 zone has been installed within the service.

#It all dates back to #December 15, when an agent from the USLD shows clinical signs and performs a #Covid-19 test that turns out positive. #Massive screening is then immediately set up on #December 24 and 30 in the entire department.

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#On the 24th, a patient and a professional tested positive again. #On the 28th, two new patients presented clinical signs. #On #Wednesday, #December 30, at the end of the massive screening, 12 patients and 3 staff members tested positive again. #In total, there are therefore 18 patients and 5 hospital workers, all belonging to the same service, positive for #Covid-19.

#As a result, the hospital center decided to create a #Covid unit of 15 patients within the USLD itself, in order to preserve the quality of care and not risk transferring elderly patients to another place with a risk of decompensation. #Only three patients were therefore transferred elsewhere or to the #Saint-Affrique hospital, which notably has a #Covid unit for ambulatory patients who may be the cause of new contamination.

A precautionary protocol

#In addition, the USLD has been strengthened in terms of human resources. “#To do this, we closed our follow-up and rehabilitation care unit (SSR) to redeploy the staff who were trained in the management of #Covid within the USLD to arm the team”, informs #Lucil- #Atumma #Modebelu, #Acting #Director of the #Hospital.

#Currently, 43 patients are received at the USLD, with a capacity of 50 beds. “#We are also anticipating a possible spread of the virus by reorganizing the affected unit with a #Covid zone, a buffer zone for patients who could reveal signs of contamination and a clean zone. #We also endeavor to maintain the link with families by putting in place means of communication by telephone or videoconference during this holiday season, “underlines the manager again before welcoming the commitment of hospital staff, sometimes forced to return to work during their rest time.

A request to the ARS was made to benefit from reinforcements via the health reserve.

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