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The world’s smallest Nintendo 64 fits in your pocket

#If at the end of the year you suddenly have the urge to re-explore #Zelda #Ocarina of #Time, why not do it on a portable #Nintendo 64? A talented hacker has just created a portable and compact version of the famous console.

#At the end of 2020, it’s not just for the #PlayStation 5 and the #Xbox #Series X: the old consoles are also entitled to their quarter of an hour of glory. The #Nintendo 64, released in #France in 1997, has just given itself a second youth thanks to the prowess of a relentless hacker who transformed the cartridge console into a portable accessory that fits in the pocket.

The feat is not so much to be able to play #Nintendo 64 games on a portable device (many emulators do this very well even on mobile), but to have used almost only official components and period to achieve this result. The portable console is a real #Nintendo 64 accompanied by a cartridge reader and the whole is less than 5 cm thick. A small miracle of welds and optimizations. #Unfortunately, by the admission of #GmanModz (the youtuber behind the video), the mini console is not the most comfortable: the battery does not last more than an hour and a half, and the screen of 3 , 5 inches only displays a definition of 320 x 240 pixels.

#Barely bigger than a game cartridge

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#However, integrating all the functions of the legendary home console in an accessory smaller than the controller of the time is still a feat. #To achieve this, #GmanModz cut the original printed circuit board and then rearranged the various components to fit everything into a 3D shell of approximately 12 cm by 8.5 cm (not counting the cartridge reader). The RAM space has been rotated 90 ° and the dedicated controller interface chip has been placed in a corner of the PCB. The set occupies altogether 270 mm3.

#If the printed circuit is original, however, not all of the controllers are. #All the buttons of the famous trident controller are certainly present, but some, such as the directional cross and the C buttons, have been replaced by #Nintendo #Switch sticks due to their compactness. #Everything is encased in a 3D printed shell designed to be heat resistant, since the printed circuit does not breathe as well in this small box than in the imposing original console. The whole thing might be awkward and power hungry, but building a #Nintendo 64 barely bigger than the gaming cartridges of the time is a challenge.

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