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Covid-19 patients develop serious psychotic disorders

These cases show a new impact of the virus on the mental health of patients

#Although rare, several cases of this type have been recorded around the globe.

#Covid-19 affects people in different ways. #If the main symptoms of the disease remain fatigue, respiratory distress, cough and loss of smell or taste, more insidious consequences are gradually discovered. #Latest: some patients would develop serious psychotic disorders after being tested positive for the virus.

The #New #York #Times reports several cases of people with no history of mental illness who became psychotic in the weeks following their infection with #Covid-19.

#Among the examples cited by the #American daily is a 42-year-old physiotherapist, mother of four, who tested positive last spring. A few months later, she had to be treated for several severe psychotic symptoms: she heard voices telling her to commit suicide and kill her children – which she ended up planning.

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#Doctors first thought of an isolated case unrelated to the virus. #But the proliferation of similar examples after infection alerted them. #Hallucinations in #Great #Britain, paranoia attacks, delusional episodes in #New #York, cases of psychosis recorded in a #Spanish hospital … these cases remain rare, but show a new impact of the virus on the mental health of patients.

A link, the intensity of the disease

#Research into the psychological effects of the virus is still in its infancy, but a few leads are emerging. #Dr. #Goueli, from the #Long #Island #Psychiatric #Hospital, observed a link between these different cases of psychotic disorders: the people he observed would not have been physically ill with #Covid-19 or would have simply had mild symptoms. They are also believed to be aged between thirty and fifty, an age when cases of psychosis are rare.

#Some patients had difficulty recovering, and in particular needed several weeks of hospitalization and medication, including an antipsychotic, #Risperidone, which seems to have worked, adds the #American media.

#Previously, several scientific writings show that #Covid-19 would also have cognitive – like mental decline – and neurological effects. #Scientists in particular alerted to a possible third wave, not of infections, but of neurodegenerative diseases linked to the virus.

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