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Covid-19, state of emergency, containment and curfew … Return a few words and expressions that marked the year 2020


The year 2020 was marked by events but also by expressions. #Back to these words that occupied the front of the news of the year 2020, which is drawing to a close.

#Covid-19, #Coronavirus or SARS COV-2

#Coronaviruses are a family of viruses, some of which can infect humans, most often causing mild cold-like symptoms. #Nevertheless, three deadly epidemics have already occurred in the 21st century, including the current one. They involve emerging coronaviruses, hosted by animals and suddenly transmitted to humans: SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV.

#While the epidemic linked to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has spread around the world, research is mobilized to accelerate the production of knowledge on this virus, on the disease it causes (#Covid-19) as well as ways to cure and prevent it.

#State of emergency (health)

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The state of health emergency is an exceptional measure that can be decided by the #Council of #Ministers in the event of a health disaster, in particular an epidemic, endangering the health of the population.

The state of emergency is declared the first time by decree in the #Council of #Ministers on the report of the #Minister in charge of health for a maximum period of one month. The decree determines the territorial district (s) in which it applies. The health data on which the decree is based are made public.

#Beyond one month, its extension must be authorized by law. The extension law fixes the duration of the state of health emergency. A decree issued by the #Council of #Ministers may put an end to the state of health emergency before the expiry of the period fixed by law.

The measures taken within the framework of the state of health emergency end as soon as the state of health emergency is ended.


The term confinement is a strategy for reducing health risks which obliges, under pain of economic or criminal sanctions, a population to stay in their home or in a specific place. #Sanitary confinement is sometimes used in the event of an infectious disease epidemic (in particular emerging infectious diseases) to limit contact between people and therefore the spread of contagion.


A curfew is a ban on people walking on the streets during a certain period of the day, which is usually at night and early in the morning. #It is ordered by the government or any official of a country, region or city.

#Its goal is to allow the police, civil or military, to better ensure the security of the area under curfew or to limit free movement in order to stop the spread of a virus if we are in a health crisis. of scope.

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