Administration naming the market after Razakar’s father!


In Jessore’s Chaugachhar Sadar Union, the heroic freedom fighters of the upazila reacted angrily when they saw the nameplate of a bazaar (real name is Koraitala Bazar. Ahmed Nagar Bazar on the sign board) with the name of Ahmed Ali, the father of Razakar and anti-independence. The heroic freedom fighters visited the market this morning when news of a human chain against the conspiracy to name the market after Razakar’s father and a member of the Peace Committee was published in various newspapers on Wednesday (August 19). There they were furious to see the writing on the signboard.

In this regard, the former commander of the Chougachha Upazila Muktijoddha Command Council 71’s heroic front Dr. Nur Hossain said Ahmed Ali was a member of an anti-independence Muslim League. He was a member of the Peace Committee during the war of independence in 1971. His son M Mujahid Ali alias Chentu was a trained Razakar. He is at number 7 in the list of razakars of the upazila. Razakar Mujahid, who took part in various wars in Khulna, was imprisoned after independence (probably in 1972). Although his father and his family were anti-independence, I did not understand how a market could be named after that anti-independence.

A 71-year-old freedom fighter and a top leader of the Chaugachha Upazila Awami League said Mujahid Ali was a trained armed razakar. The family of this Razakar, who is at number 7 in the list prepared by the freedom fighters, is anti-independence. I did not understand how the market was named after him.

Mofazzal Hossain, the leader of the Mujib Bahini (BLF) of 1971, said in an angry voice, “I was the first to hoist the independent flag with my comrades at 3 pm on 19 November 1971 when the Chaugachha Bazar was liberated (now the tehsil office).” Half an hour later, Abdul Malek, the former deputy commissioner of Jessore, took down the Pakistani flag at the Chaugachha post bungalow with Mujib’s Aziz and hoisted the Bangladeshi flag. Asked about Mujahid, he said he was my school friend. Mujahid was a trained armed razakar. His father Ahmad Ali was a Muslim Leaguer. At that time almost all the Muslim Leaguers were members of the Peace Committee. The chairman of this peace committee was a prominent businessman from Kayarpara village of Chaugachha upazila. How is a market named after the father of that Razakar, an anti-independence person?

Excited when he called Abdus Salam, another heroic freedom fighter on the battlefield, he said, “Mujahid is an armed razakar on our list.” None of his family members were involved in the liberation war. When Ziaur Rahman formed the Chhatra Dal committee, Mujahid was studying at Dhaka University. Mujahid was a member of the central committee of Chhatra Dal. While staying at Suryasen Hall and being the leader of the Central Chhatra Dal, he sent his elder brother Shawkat Ali to study abroad on a scholarship with a special recommendation from Ziaur Rahman. And this Ahmad Ali Sahitya Ratna was not with the freedom fighters. Rather he was with the Pakistanis. Although we do not have the name and address of the member of the Peace Committee, he had close ties with the freedom fighters.

To date, no member of their family has been involved in pro-independence forces or Awami League politics. We (freedom fighters) are declaring unity with the local people declaring that market as Muktijoddha Nagar. We thank all the media personnel who have published this true news. After 49 years of independence, there is no road or market or any institution in the name of any freedom fighter in Chaugachha, but how is the market named after the father of a Razakar who was himself an anti-independence? What does it mean to write the administration of the implementation on the sign board again? “Did we fight for this?” He asked. Did 3 million people die to see this day?

Freedom fighter Abdus Salam confirmed that SM Habibur Rahman and Abdus Salam, the heroic freedom fighters of the upazila and president of the upazila Awami League, had spoken to Engineer Enamul Haque, the Chowgachha Upazila Nirbahi Officer.

Unable to answer any question of the freedom fighters, they talked to Upazila Nirbahi Officer Engineer Enamul Haque. “I’m new,” he said. But from what I have learned so far, I have not found any such official document. No one has the authority to name anything without government instructions. Asked if he had talked to the heroic freedom fighters of the upazila, he said, “They came.” I told them, I have not seen any such official document yet. However, I am investigating how the Upazila administration was written on the sign board. Upazila Nirbahi Officer Engineer Enamul Haque also told the heroic freedom fighters and media personnel that he would go for on-the-spot investigation tomorrow.

Humor has been created in the upazila following some news from some local media workers in favor of naming the market after the father of a trained armed razakar and an anti-independence person of Bangladesh. Laughing, many have asked, then those media workers know more than the freedom fighters. If not, why publish the news like this on behalf of the father of a trained armed razakar and a member of the infamous anti-independence, peace committee ??

All the freedom fighters of the upazila along with the villagers have demanded the intervention of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in demanding to name the market “Koraitala Muktijoddha Nagar”.


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