youngest child has been drowned, mother will be heard from this Wednesday


This Tuesday, a mother killed two of her children, aged 7 years and 2 years late in the afternoon at the rue du Jeu de Balle in Hantes-Wihéries (Erquelinnes). The third child, aged 9, who was in critical condition, is still in an artificial coma, but his condition has stabilized.

This Wednesday morning, a press point was organized. According to Sandrine Vairon, Charleroi division prosecutor, the mother’s condition stabilized after she was operated on, but her condition remains serious. She had opened her veins. She will be heard today.

The youngest child was drowned and the other two had cervical sores. Toxicological analyzes were requested to find out if they were aware at the time of the incident. An autopsy will be performed this Wednesday evening.

We’ll know the charges this Thursday.

As a reminder, help was requested late Tuesday afternoon at rue du Jeu de Balle in Hantes-Wihéries (Erquelinnes). A mother killed two of her children, Orphée and Cérès, aged 2 and 7 years respectively. A third child, Thibald, aged 9, was in critical condition. His health has stabilized. “He is still in an artificial coma but his condition has been stable since Tuesday evening. He should get out of it. This is good news for this little boy, “said David Lavaux, mayor of Erquelinnes (IC). The husband and father discovered the tragedy when he returned home after his work day.

Find here all our information on this drama.

The mother was also in critical condition following a suicide attempt while ingesting medication. “I have no news of his medical condition. According to initial reports, Julie L. has cut the veins of her children.

According to the bourgmestre, the mother no longer worked and poorly supported the confinement. The latter was also forced to terminate a pregnancy. “She never went out and her children did not go back to school. But nothing suggested that. She was fused with her children, especially with the latter. ”

In the neighborhood, the emotion is strong. “She was not well but she loved her children so much. I can’t believe it, my legs are cut, “said a neighbor.

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