Will Putin be president for life?



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Benoît Vitkine: There are observers, but who have been appointed according to an unusual procedure, only after validation by the Civil Chamber, a state institution. Usually, political parties are entitled to observers by default. This is therefore not the case here, and the rights of these observers are also reduced. As for international observers, no, no recognized organization is present, and the issue of the coronavirus is enough to justify it.

For the time being, we have mostly innumerable irregularities in the procedure, pressures, freedoms caught with the rules. An anonymous polling station chairman in the Moscow suburbs told me that he was required to hold a 70% stake. I was also able to see with my own eyes – and photograph – a bunch of ballots placed in a heap in an urn: obviously, they could not land there in a “natural” way, but rather in favor of a ballot stuffing. The authorities counter-attacked, explaining that no trace of irregularity had been found in this case, then a member of this Civil Chamber gave a press conference to explain, wrongly, that I had not even returned there.

Electronic voting, which was only possible in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod, was also used to vote a large number of pensioners, without their consent. Journalistic investigations have shown this. The last concern, but it concerns the evening tonight, concerns the counting. This is where the final “adjustments” can be made.

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