Waldeck is longing for the freedom of the road


Waldeck, who started as an electronic musician, learned the piano eight years ago and now works a lot with analog instruments, mixes twang guitars with driving bass figures and the flair of the beat generation. The lyrics are about longing, the drive-in cinema or erotic role-playing games in the trailer park.

Only later did he realize that Waldeck was “hidden political” in terms of sound and the aesthetics of the cover design: “With the last album, I had discussed a bit how Trump dismantles America,” he says. “, Grand Casino Hotel” transports the longing for freedom, for something archaic, and at the same time the decay and a sunken America. It is the opposite pole to what we experience. If you look back a little longer, you get a sense of how much politics has changed in the past ten years. Neoliberalism has already failed with the 2008 financial crisis. But then something else, also very uncomfortable, developed: The citizens are harassed by the constant use of social media. And the legislation is also becoming ever closer. Everything is regulated and prescribed down to the smallest detail. I would so much like to hear from a politician that he no longer needs this law. But that never happens! ”

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