Thomas Silberberger: “We take the ass card to Tyrol and then hand it over to Admira on Saturday”


  • Thomas Silberberger on Cabrera: “I shouldn’t have set it up”
  • Franz Ponweiser: “The whole year was a good rollercoaster”
  • Stefan Köck about the upcoming endgame: “I hope that we have the chiefs who will put it on the right track”
  • Alois Höller: “It was a bombing achievement”
  • Toni Pfeffer on the red card: “Being upset is ultimate”

SV Mattersburg wins 4: 1 against WSG Swarovski Tirol. All votes for the game on Sky and Sky X.

SV Mattersburg – WSG Swarovski Tirol 4: 1 (2: 0)

Referee: Manuel Schüttengruber

Franz Ponweiser (SV Mattersburg trainer):
… when asked how much pressure he dropped after staying in the league: “Extremely much. It was not an easy week to keep calm. We held together extremely well, we were the only team that didn’t make a transfer in the winter. We also have 12 contracts that are about to expire. That said, the situation was certainly not easy for all of us. I am just incredibly proud of the character of the group, how we have worked together over the past few weeks and also after the match ball awarded on Saturday. You have to get up and go into the game. It was an incredible achievement. ”

… about his emotional world: “I was very tense. The last two or three days have been tough for me too. But then you have to be strong. It is an extreme learning effect for me. The whole year was a good rollercoaster. I’m glad we got it over. For the whole club, for Burgenland, it is extremely important that we stay in the league. ”

… When asked if he would remain a coach: “It was important that we stay in the league. I am extremely pleased for the President that we got this across today because he has placed a great deal of trust in us. He spoke very strongly to us in a phase when things weren’t going well, and also supported us in the coaching team. This also distinguishes Mattersburg from the fact that we have a president who will keep you going when things don’t go that way. We are grateful to him as a coaching team and I as a sporting director. And what will come afterwards, we will calmly analyze and see what is best for the club. ”

… When asked whether he would not like to continue as a trainer: “Yes, of course there is the desire. But we have to see how we can best pool our strengths. We have to analyze that in peace and just go a way where we say: This is the best for the club and our young players. ”

… about Andreas Kuen’s injury: “Of course it is cloudy. Because Andi has done extremely well this year. He was a player who was often injured in the past. He was barely injured this year and has taken on a real leadership role. (…) The collarbone is broken and has to be operated on. He’ll get a record inserted tomorrow. But the team fought for him, you could tell at half-time what kind of energy there was. (…) The team also contributed to the Andi to heal quickly. ”

… Before the game about the absence of Andreas Gruber: “Andi is of course an important player for us, but the situation is just that. He is locked again and others have to jump into the breach. ”

… before the game, when asked what he said about the feat that Gruber was missing twice in the qualification group because of a yellow card suspension: “I’m not going to say anything about that now.”

… before the game, when asked how often he had been asked about relegation in 2013: “Not so often. I think the issue is more prevalent in the media and the press. It’s been an eternity and we live in the now. ”

Alois Höller (SV Mattersburg):
… about the game: “It was a bomb effort. We have implemented everything we have planned. From the very first minute, we succeeded in including the passion and emotions in the game. The result speaks for itself anyway. ”

… When asked whether there was a tremor before the game: “I think the club has learned from experience. We left a match ball against the Admirans, sat there like after relegation a few years ago. But we got ourselves together because we knew we still have two games and the chances. And that was a lesson for us a few years ago that it no longer happens to us and we have impressively demonstrated that we have learned from it. ”

… When asked whether chapter 2013 is now closed: “Yes, that’s how you can see it. Eliminated. ”

… about Andreas Kuen’s injury: “I only saw that the rescue was in the cabin. Then I tried to concentrate on the game. Unfortunately it didn’t look that good. A drop of bitterness. We stay in the league, which is not too bad for him, I think. ”

Ilco Naumoski (ex-player SV Mattersburg) in a video post before the game:
… About the situation of SV Mattersburg two rounds before the end of the season: “Before the game against Admira – once again – I would not have believed that Mattersburg would relegate. I still don’t believe it. (…) I hope not for the club. ”

… About the relegation with SVM 2013 and the game against Admira: “That was my biggest defeat. I would never have believed that with my heart club, to which I dedicated my legs, my youth, my career, that I would stay with the club. We had a good team. ”

… About his emotional state after the descent: “I didn’t even breathe for seven days, so to speak. Like if you weren’t there. How dead.”

… About his time in China, where he taught sports at a university: “I was in Beijing for one and a half years, in the largest sports university in the world. (…) I was in a sports university in Nanjing for a year. These are the two largest sports universities in China that exist. I had three chauffeurs, four or five interpreters, and I lived in the most beautiful hotel you can live in in China. I was really well. ”

Thomas Silberberger (Trainer WSG Swarovski Tirol):
… about the exclusion of Ione Cabrera: “It looks brutal. I also want to send recovery wishes to Andi Kuen. It is not our style. I have to protect the ion a bit. He came back yesterday, his wife had a very difficult operation yesterday. That puts the whole thing into perspective – he wasn’t on the point. He really wanted to play. I shouldn’t have set it up. I think a Cabrera that is 100 percent focused does not make such a foul. So I have to apologize. ”

… about the penalty situation for 1: 0 and the game in general: “It’s the same situation and the same player anyway. He runs towards Ione, he actually opens the way inside motionless and so he is actually alone in front of Oswald. (…) In the end, we played with three central defenders, so we didn’t imagine that. In the end we were zero snappy. Mattersburg did not even surprise us, we knew that was the case. But then we act so stupid … In the end, there was a preliminary decision after five minutes and the 2: 0 was the decision. ”

… about the fact that Admira lost as well and about the upcoming endgame: “In the end, we can now set everything to zero. We have to forget the game today, but of course work it up. And on Saturday a dirty 1-0 is enough. But we have to change a lot. (…) We got extra players in the winter who mentally go ahead. The qualification round is tight. I think I remember my first interview in the qualifying round. I said: The final day will be decided between WSG and Admira. Of course I would have preferred it otherwise. But today Mattersburg was clearly better. (…) We take the ass card with us to Tyrol and then hand it over to Admira on Saturday. Saturday we have to win no matter how. (…) We have very, very good memories of Admira and Admira has very, very bad memories of us. ”

… before the game about the better starting position of Mattersburg: “But you can also draw our ass card that we currently have. And we are absolutely convinced that we will hand over the ass card today, i.e. the end of the table behind. (…) Routine is needed, determination, patience. We have 72 caps in the starting eleven today. So I assume that my team knows what it’s about. ”

Ferdinand Oswald (WSG Swarovski Tirol) before the game:
… About the criticism from Stefan Maierhofer after the game at the weekend: “Yes, that’s his right. He was brought in as a leader. I don’t see it like the media now. He wanted to wake us up and I think he did it. And he’s right somewhere in his statement. That was not a big issue for us now. ”

Fabian Koch (WSG Swarovski Tirol) before the game:
… about the criticism of Stefan Maierhofer and whether it can be annoying to have such an extroverted and experienced player on the team: “Maybe in one situation or another, but basically it’s very positive when you see him in the team. ”

Stefan Köck (Manager Sport WSG Swarovski Tirol):
… About the situation: “The fact is, today was a completely used day. We haven’t even started what we wanted to bring. (…) It was a very big disappointment because of course we did something. And if, after three minutes, due to a lack of one-on-one behavior, a lack of positioning in the wrong direction, you get annoyed accordingly. I have now also told the team that it is no longer useful to argue around, positive or negative, we have great memories against Admira. Now it’s all about regeneration and on Saturday everything will be cut and it will be shown whether we deserve it or not. ”

… When asked whether the team was up to the pressure: “I hope so. I am not the clairvoyant now. We reacted accordingly in the winter, have committed experienced players with great experience. I hope that we have the chiefs who will put this on the right track. But we also hoped that in the last two or three laps and it didn’t get on the train. That’s why we should talk less, but show more in place. ”

… About the ban on interviewing players after the game: “I started out today. I take responsibility. I would also like to apologize for this, because you can not help it. But the players should focus on what it’s about. And not that we talk about what we’re going to do and what kind of match plans we have. Instead we go out and have to put it in place. And don’t fool around in interviews. ”

… before the game about the criticism by Stefan Maierhofer and Thomas Silberberger at the weekend and how narrow the line between waking up and deterring is: “It is a very fine line. We are dealing with people, everyone reacts differently to criticism or to such a verbal story after an emotional game, after a defeat. We worked it up internally. We brought Stefan in as a leader, it is his right to get louder. We are not dealing with mimosa. And the team will show the reaction today. ”

… before the game whether there had been a discussion with Maierhofer: “We always have four eye-to-eye discussions, as with other leading players. Stefan explained it, he also said very clearly, it was immediately after the game where you get annoyed when you lose. There are many points. I wouldn’t pretend that now. It matters what we bring to the court. ”

… before the game about whether pressure or fear currently prevails: “Fear would be the wrong starting point, pressure is absolutely noticeable. It’s about a lot. We really want to keep the league like the other teams. But fear is a bad advisor. ”

… before the game about how present the whole situation was with him personally: “It was very difficult to enjoy the games in the qualification group. (…) We knew that we would play in the lower qualifying round. You had to expect that it would end up in the end and that’s why we assume it. But we are far from enjoying. ”

Toni Pfeffer (Sky Expert):
… in the half-time break about the exclusion of Ione Cabrera and his lack of understanding for it: “For me it is incomprehensible that he showed no understanding. For such a foul you can only get the red card. The best thing is to step off, turn on your heel and go. Since you are still upset about this kung fu attack, this is second to none. ”

… In the half-time break about the aggressiveness of the Tyroleans: “This is perhaps even a consequence of what Maierhofer said, who tried to fuel the whole game. And that one or the other might misunderstand and go crazy, maybe that’s the bottom line of this story. You always have to be careful what you say to one or the other in such a situation. ”

… Before the game about Stefan Maierhofer’s criticism last weekend: “I just imagine when Stefan Maierhofer comes into the cabin after such a statement, what one or the other thinks about this public criticism. It is really questionable whether this is expedient in a situation in which you really have the water up to here. I also didn’t quite understand that he did that. ”

Walter Kogler (Sky Expert):
… About the victory of the Mattersburger: “Due to the course of the game completely earned. Mattersburg performed really well. And the Tyroleans were not able – probably due to the nerves and the general condition of the team – to do more against it today. ”

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