Open or closed on July 1?


Supermarkets are open as well as small shops such as grocery stores, convenience stores, fruit stores, butchers, pharmacies and gas stations.

However, shopping centers are closed, as are banks and cash registers.

The majority of SAQ branches are open, but SQDC branches are closed.

Some restaurants are open, but the hours may vary. Please inquire online or by calling for hours of operation.

Leisure and culture

To refresh yourself, be aware that the water games are open as well as many outdoor pools. In the latter case, it is sometimes necessary to reserve a time slot because of the measures taken to counter COVID-19. For more details, consult your municipality’s website.

Libraries are closed.

If you are planning a nature outing, be aware that provincial and federal parks are open, but some areas or activities may remain closed or inaccessible due to the gradual recovery. Please inquire online.

Some museums are open; please consult the timetables online.

Some beaches are also open for swimming.

In Montreal, the Botanical Garden is open.

Municipal and government services

In general, waste and residual material collections follow the usual schedule; check your municipality’s website for details.

Most of the eco-centers are also open.

Municipal offices and administrative counters are closed, as are provincial and federal points of service (permits, passports, ID cards, post offices).

The timetables of the public transport networks vary; please refer to their respective website.

Open or closed in your area

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