Juninho: “Having eleven young people would be ideal”


The Lyonnais sports director said he would be very happy if the eleven type of his team was made up entirely of young people.

Juninho was recruited by Jean-Michel Aulas to build a competitive OL team. The Brazilian has carte blanche for how he wants to act in this regard. However, if it was up to him, he would be happy to bet only on the young people in the training center. It does not have this luxury, because they are not all cut to meet the expectations of the high level according to his own statements.

In an interview with Le Progrès, the Brazilian revealed his point of view on the youth of the club: “You do not see the training sessions that are behind closed doors, but most of the players who do not play, it is because they did not win their place during the week”. He then clarified that local players now tend to rely too much on their skills: “If you think that because you are trained here you are going to play quickly, you stop the efforts. If I had eleven of the house, high level, it would be ideal for me, as Sports Director, and the club would spend less. “

“The key is intensity in training”

The former star of the team then regretted that there was not the same commitment as there was at the time, whether it was during matches, but also and above all in training: “In my day, people used to say to us, ‘You are the strongest’. The truth is, we train like we play, and it was fun. All those who arrived knew that they were not allowed to be 70% because we, the elders, set the example. “

“Juni” concluded by saying that he was doing everything to restore a conquering face to the Gones and with the same values ​​as before, but he measures that this will not happen overnight : “The key to everything was intensity in training. Today it’s incredible that we have to ask to raise the intensity. I’m trying to change mentalities. When you come to train, it’s for an hour and a half, and there is nothing more important. “

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