iOS14: Should we install beta or wait


Apple presented at the last WWDC 2020 all the news relating to all the OSes that will be used to run the various devices next fall. The most popular being iOS. So this year we were introduced to iOS14 which will be available in a stable version next fall.

We see a lot of videos here and there, in which we show the first Beta version of iOS installed on iPhone. But beware, as the name suggests, a beta version can reserve some bad surprises.

IOS14 compatible iPhone

Before getting to the heart of the matter, the apple has unveiled the iPhone which will be compatible. The good surprise is that even the iPhone 6s released in 2015 will be compatible, as well as the first generation SE.

Caution caution

We can understand the desire to want to install the latest version of iOS, even if it is in beta. The videos we see on YouTube give a good overview of what’s new in iOS14 and it looks pretty cool.

But beware, in these videos, we do not show the bugs they could have with this of iOS14. And then, the people who do this, may not be doing it with their personal iPhone or at least, with the one that he does not use on a daily basis. It changes everything.

Even if the first beta versions are relatively stable, we are not immune to unpleasant surprises. These are already developer-only versions. It will be used, among other things, to adapt and develop their applications, so that they are compatible with the future iOS.

Several stages of development

The beta versions are numbered differently with each evolution. Please note that we have already seen beta updates to make them even less stable than the previous ones.

Once the biggest bugs are fixed, a public beta version is available. Then, a version called Golden Master or GM for friends is available before the release of the final version. This one named, stable version.

New iOS14 version

Apple is expected to release the public beta version of iOS14 in late July. If you’re in a hurry, the advice we could give and wait for this release. Because, the risks of having big bugs is almost zero.

When we say big bugs, we mean things like

  • A loss of the network and even more abroad
  • Autonomy that melts ultra fast
  • An iPhone that turns off for no reason
  • Applications that no longer launch

If your iPhone is not the smartphone you use every day, it’s worth installing the beta version. If not, we really recommend that you wait for the public beta.

In short, you will have understood the risks and the consequences.

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