Ghent start-up myNEO wants to develop a “universal vaccine” against Covid-19


Ghent biotech start-up myNEO is working on development of a “universal vaccine“against the Covid-19 using cancer treatment technology, she said on Wednesday.

myNEO says it has identified peptides (pieces of protein) that can trigger a highly targeted immune response. “By specifically choosing the fragments which are necessary for the functioning of the virus, the vaccine has a better effect against SARSCoV-2 (the virus responsible for Covid-19) and all other (future) forms of the same family of viruses containing these same parts“underlines Ghent biotech in a press release.

myNEO will now start pre-clinical trials. The objective is to carry out the first human vaccine tests in early 2021. It will be a vaccine targeting all common forms of Covid-19 as well as other viruses of the corona group such as SARS and MERS, aims for the start-up.

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