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Wine culture has a long tradition in Austria – Heurigen and Buschenschank are not only loved in Vienna
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Heuriger culture and wine enjoyment continue to enjoy popularity in Austria. The Falstaff Heurigen Trophy has now been awarded to all companies that score best in terms of food, wine, ambience and service.

The popularity of wine taverns in this country is also demonstrated by the more than 25,000 votes for over 1,500 wine taverns and wine taverns that the Falstaff editorial team received this year – the categories of food, wine, ambience and service were evaluated.

470 companies scrutinized and assessed

The descriptions and evaluations of the best 470 companies are based on a democratic process and not just an evaluation by individual critics. A list of around 1,100 best Heurigen and Buschenschanken can be found on the Falstaff website www.falstaff.at and in the FALSTAFF Heurigen app. The Falstaff Heurigenguide 2020 with all ratings appears online at falstaff.com/heurigenguide2020.SI

Winners by points: these Heurigen are the most popular

In addition to Vienna’s top dog from Stammersdorf, the “Heurigen Wieninger”, and Josef Lentsch, who also defended the title in the guide with his “Podersdorfer Weinstuben” in Burgenland, there are also two new federal state winners. With 96 points, the »Winzerhof Dockner« in Höbenbach in Lower Austria received the same dream rating as roast pork and magnum master Bernd Pulker. Styria also has a new name at the top in Styria. But that’s not all: Styria can also offer the Heurigenwirt of the year with Tamara Kögl. In 2020, the “Heurige Musser” in Lower Austria and the “Heurige Wieninger” from Vienna can look forward to the awards in the categories “best cuisine” and “best wine”.

Heurigen dying is not an issue

Another very gratifying finding: There is no Heuriger death! On the contrary: Many families in Lower Austria, Vienna, Burgenland and Styria choose to fill historical buildings with new life and the culinary framework “Heurigen” with new dishes. The “Falstaff Newcomer 2020”, the Heurigen project “The Quarter” by prime winemaker Erich Scheiblhofer in Andau im Seewinkel, already signals this claim in the name and serves a “Best of” Seewinkler top producers such as Hautzinger, Stekovics or Karlo.

Use the Falstaff Heurigen app to quickly find where “unplugged” is

The FALSTAFF Heurigen app has been updated with the new content and, as before, offers a quick overview of around 1400 wine taverns and wine taverns. In times like these, when the home leave is capitalized, the function »near me and now open« is of course particularly practical for holidaymakers and day trippers, because only those companies that have actually »plugged« are displayed – optionally in a list or an interactive map.

These are the best Heurigen in Vienna

1. Heuriger Wieninger, 95 Falstaff points, 1210 Vienna

1. Heuriger Edlmoser, 95 Falstaff points, 1230 Vienna

2. Helmut Krenek at the Göbel winery, 94 Falstaff points, 1210 Vienna

2. Buschenschank Wieninger am Nussberg, 94 Falstaff points, 1190 Vienna

3. Organic wine and Buschenschank Obermann, 1190 Vienna

4. Buschenschank in Residence, 92 Falstaff points, 1190 Vienna

5. Weingut & Heuriger Christ, 91 Falstaff points, 1210 Vienna

6. Mayer am Pfarrplatz, 90 Falstaff points, 1190 Vienna

6. Winery and Buschenschank Wailand, 90 Falstaff points, 1190 Vienna

6. Buschenschank Mayer am Nussberg, 90 Falstaff points, 1190 Vienna

Falstaff Heurigen Trophy: The winners by category

The FALSTAFF editors have turned the best of the best into the following
Winners in the different categories:

Heurigen landlady of the year: Tamara Kögl, Winery Kögl,

Best kitchen: Heuriger Musser, Lower Austria

Best wine: Heuriger Wieninger, Vienna

Most beautiful view: winery
Repolusk, Styria & Winery Wailand, Vienna

Most beautiful ambience: Heuriger
Artner, Lower Austria

Classic / rustic: Heuriger
Kroiss, Vienna

New opening of the year: The
Quarter, Burgenland

Vienna: Heuriger
Wieninger, 95 Falstaff points

This year’s Edlmoser, 95
Falstaff points
Lower Austria: Pulker’s Heuriger, 96 Falstaff points

The Dockner family, 96 Falstaff points
Burgenland: Wachter-Wiesler, 94 Falstaff points

Podersdorf wine bar,
94 Falstaff points
Styria: Polz Buschenschank, 95 Falstaff points

Domaines Kilger
Stupperhof, 95 Falstaff points

Krispel, 95 Falstaff points

Overall winner: The best wine taverns in the state are in Lower Austria


The Austrian overall victory goes to Lower Austria again this year; this time it’s a double stroke: Both Pulkers Heuriger in Rührsdorf and the Winzerhof in Höbenbach around the Dockner family are delighted with an impressive 96 Falstaff points and four Falstaff wine grapes that have been fully earned.

1. Pulker’s Heuriger, 96
Falstaff points, 3602 Rührsdorf (Lower Austria)

1.Winzerhof family Dockner, 96
Falstaff points, 3508 Höbenbach (Lower Austria)

2. Polz Buschenschank, 95 Falstaff points, 8472 Strass (ST)

2. Weinbeisserei Hager, 95 Falstaff points, 3562 Mollands (Lower Austria)

2. Heuriger Wieninger: 95 Falstaff points, 1210 Vienna (W)

2. Domaines Kilger Stupperhof: 95 Falstaff points, 8442 Kitzeck (ST)

2. Artner – Heuriger in the old farm: 95
Falstaff points, 2465 Höflein (Lower Austria)

2nd Heuriger Edlmoser, 95 Falstaff points, 1230 Vienna (W)

2. Krispel Winery – Gutsheuriger, 95 Falstaff points, 8345 Straden (ST)

Falstaff chooses the crème de la crème of culinary delights

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