Clothes, jewelry or holidays … Tchan’s finds everything for footballers


From Monday to Saturday, Goal introduces you to the quirky football professions. This Friday, Lucien Tchany concierge of many players.

At Losc, Lucien Tchany rubbed shoulders with the 1992, 1993 and 1994 generations. Those of Lucas Digne, Divock Origi, Benjamin Pavard, Nabil Bentaleb or Jean-Eudes Aholou. But at 20 years old, his dreams of football stopped. Formed in a club where he spent fifteen years, the left side branched off somewhat by accident.

In addition to his engagement with the team of the Iris Club de Croix, a modest group from the North of France (N3), the young man from Lille spends his time in the shops. “I always liked high-end clothes and people who were in football knew it. At that time, I met a boss of a luxury ready-to-wear store and he told me why not make personal shopper “, remembers the one we call Tchan’s, from the name of his concierge.

But his first clients are not necessarily known players that they accompanied him during his training. “I had friends who were working abroad, especially one in Estonia, and who didn’t necessarily have what they wanted in their country. So I made them send clothes through a ready-to-wear shop in Lille. At the beginning, I did it almost free … “ Behind, the network of shops is developing throughout France. And the choice of brands too: Yves Saint-Laurent, Givenchy, Balmain, Balenciaga, Louis-Vuitton.

And even apartment purchases …

His first big customer? A childhood friend with whom he shared his years of training in Lille: Adrien Tameze. “He helped me a lot and still helps me. Today at OGC Nice, if I work with a lot of players, like Christophe Hérelle, Malang Sarr, Wylan Cyprien, it’s thanks to him, explains Lucien Tchany. Via social networks, other players made assists like Nabil Bentaleb with whom I grew up too. I sold him clothes and he made an Instagram post. In the process, I had players who contacted me. Ibrahim Amadou also does this work and talks about me when he hears that a teammate needs watches or clothes. “

Today, Tchan’s conciergerie has around forty regular customers, mostly in L1 and a little abroad. But for almost two years, requests have diversified and the personal shopper has become a concierge who sets out to book the players’ vacations. And even to manage their apartment purchases or changes of banking establishment. “Once they trust you, they ask you something else. It was vacations, jets or private drivers, hotels”, he specifies.

Lucien started this new activity by going on vacation to Dubai with his friends Adrien Tameze and Arnaud Lusamba. “Before leaving, I check, negotiate and rent the cars but also the villa. The other players, who were on site, knew the prices at which I had obtained all that. One of them had rented the same car twice as much. And that’s how I got to work with other players “, he remembers.

In addition to the holidays and their extras, Lucien Tchany also receives some extravagant requests. And especially during confinement. Adrien Tameze and Ibrahim Amadou, for example, asked him for sports equipment to meet in the absence of competition. “One evening, a client called me for his wife’s birthday and wanted a piece of jewelry. All the shops were closed, but he really needed it.” And how was the problem resolved? “In the end, I opened a shop exceptionally for him.” A magic trick of which he has the secret, and that’s why it’s called.

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