Young dad dies of heart attack after being refused at CLSC


On the way to Saint-Hyacinthe hospital, a father died of a heart attack while driving his car after being refused access to a CLSC.

Pier-Marc Vadnais, 33, was working on a construction site in Carignan on June 10 when he felt unwell.

“He arrived smiling, as he did every morning,” says his foreman, Richard Ouellette. He started telling me that he was not feeling well around 8:20 a.m. He flattered his upper body and thought it was an anxiety attack. He has done it in the past. As we were doing a roof, I told him that he could take the day. “

Mr. Vadnais, who lived in Saint-Eugène-de-Grantham, in Center-du-Québec, warned his boss that he was going to the CLSC du Richelieu, a few minutes from the site.

CLSC du Richelieu

Photo Pierre-Paul Poulin

“He called me back around 9:15 am to tell me that the CSLC did not want to take it, because he had no file there. He left for the nearest hospital, the one in Saint-Hyacinthe, “said Ouellette.

After being refused a consultation at the CLSC du Richelieu, Pier-Marc Vadnais also phoned his spouse.

“He called me to tell me that he was not feeling well, but that the CLSC had fired him because he was not taking on new people. He had a chest ache, but he told me that he was able to drive to the hospital, ”reports Véronique Bonin, adding that her husband was asthmatic, but that he had no other health problems.

The driving time between the CLSC du Richelieu and the Maskoutain hospital is more than 35 minutes.

On Chemin des Patriotes, in Saint-Mathias-sur-Richelieu, Pier-Marc Vadnais went off the road, confirms the Richelieu – Saint-Laurent intermunicipal police board.

“I called her around 9:45 am and a police officer answered me. He tried to resuscitate Pier-Marc, but he had to be transported by ambulance to Saint-Hyacinthe hospital, “said Ms. Bonin.

When she arrived in the emergency room, Véronique Bonin found her husband lifeless.

According to her, the autopsy specifies that he died of a heart attack. The coroner’s office, which did not make the call Newspaper, opened an investigation into the causes and circumstances surrounding his death.

Véronique Bonin does not understand how the CLSC du Richelieu was able to refuse her access.

“It tires me that the CLSC did nothing. He could have just kept it … It might not have saved my love, but he would at least have been safe with someone. ”

The CISSS de la Montérégie-Center confirms that a man is said to have had a heart attack after trying to see a doctor at the GMF and leaving the premises.

“He introduced himself by asking to see a doctor for a muscle pain he believed was caused by the work being done. There was nothing to suggest another problem at the time, ”said Martine Lesage, senior media relations consultant.

In addition to his wife, Pier-Marc Vadnais is survived by his two children: Benjamin, 10, and Magaly, 7.

“He was a very good father. He was a hockey coach and always ready to help others. He loved life and his family, ”says his spouse for the past 17 years.

Nicole Pétrin, Pier-Marc Vadnais’ mother, is particularly devastated for her two grandchildren, who lost their father.

“He loved his family,” she breathes.

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