When do they sell beer again in Mexico and in stadiums?


The supporters of the clubs of the Maximum Circuit and the inhabitants of the country received with joy the depletion.

In the world and in Mexico, the quarantine It has affected various sectors and industries. Among those affected is that of beer, which in our country was classified by the authorities as “Not essensial” from the April 6, 2020. That caused a shortage in various areas and convenience or self-service stores because it was discontinued.

However, with the gradual lifting of restrictions, as well as the gradual resumption of activities, according to him Traffic light back to New Normal, the factories located throughout the Republic have already redistributed it.

The “chela” is of vital importance to millions of compatriots, not only because of local consumption, but also because of the high levels of exports to other markets. According to a report by Cerveceros Mexicanos, the average person drinks approximately 65 liters a year, still distant from the almost 110 in Germany.

According to that same source, Mexico is the world number one exporter – a third part trades it outside the borders – and the fourth most productive nation of this liquid. In all the stadiums of the 18 teams of the Liga MX Thousands and thousands are sold in each tournament and weekend in which matchs. They mean 414 million pesos annually based on information from CupoNation.

Then in Goal We tell you when it will be available again.


The return of the breweries crystallized from June 1st. Originally it was planned that other sectors such as automotive They restarted on that date, but they advanced their implementation of changes in mid-May.

“We are ready to resume operations with all the security measures that we have learned from the experience of other countries. Obviously we will follow all the specific measures that the Health Secretary give ”, he affirmed Marco Mascarua, president of Cerveceros de México, to the EFE news agency.

In this way it also happened in the Mexico City after the words of the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum. “Even when we are at Red Light, new activities are integrated as substantives,” he replied when asked about it.

“It is an excellent sign that we hope to set a trend to be able to supply the national product market and that merchants balance our income at points of sale. Likewise, that consumers can obtain it at a regular price ”, he celebrated. Cuauhtémoc Rivera, holder of the National Alliance of Small Traders (Anpec).

About your presence in the First Division properties, you will have to wait longer; surely for months because the hypothetical scenario contemplates the games of Mexican soccer behind closed doors.

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