Violets fix victory in qualifying group – Austria Vienna celebrates comeback victory at SCR Altach


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In the 31st round of the Tipico Bundesliga, the duel SCR Altach vs. Austria Vienna on the program. The violets celebrated after a clear one Performance increase after the change of sides, a 2: 1 away win and fix the first place in the qualification group. The two teams will meet again in eight days in the Europa League play-off. This time with home rights for the Viennese violets.

The game started as previously expected. The hosts pressed on very energetically. The guests from Vienna concentrated on concentrated defensive work and sought their salvation in counterattacks. In the beginning, these were quite dangerous. Monschein could have caused a burning goal in the fourth and eighth minute. An improper take of the ball, however, prevented “really imperative” on the chances account. As a result, the hosts were visually overweight. Mandatory offensive actions were the absolute shortage. Poor quality in the passing game and an above-average error rate prevented that there were “mandatory offensive actions” in front of both goals. In the 23rd minute, the first real chance of scoring the game was reserved for the guests. After wonderful preparation by Sarkaria, the completely free-standing Demaku puts the ball just next to the goal. With the best possibility of the game in the back, however, the guests lost the defensive order. A fact that should take effect a little later. Fischer plays the ball into the attack center. Sam and Tartarotti are there. The former German international involuntarily hangs up the ball for Tartarotti. As a result, he has few problems using the ball to score the 1-0 lead. As a result, the game flattened out. A high error rate on both sides prevented offensive deals worth mentioning. Logical consequence: no further goals. Break break 1: 0.

At halftime there were a total of three changes and clear words in the guests’ cabin. Suddenly the guests were much more present and the game was now more lively. In the 47th minute, Nussbaumer and Grünwald found their first good shots on goal. These seconds were more entertaining than the closing phase of the first half! The guests presented themselves much more poisonous and present. The guests from the federal capital scored the well-deserved equalizer in the 57th minute. He was born out of a nice action. Sarkaria chips the ball to Ebner. He lifts the ball into the penalty area to the substituted sax and deliberately pushes the ball in to 1-1. For the ex-Admiran it was the first goal of the season, the first goal for Violet. With the first dangerous attack after the change of sides, the hosts almost made the lead again in the 62nd minute. Meilinger ideally places the ball for the completely free-standing pangop. In the end, however, his graduation was a “sharper back pass” and guest goalkeeper Pentz can excel. This campaign was a sporting wake-up call for the Vorarlbergers. The hosts were now much better game and could make the game happen largely balanced. This was also due to the fact that one or two small mistakes crept in among the violets. In the final quarter of an hour, the guests gained a whole again. Substitute Edomwonyi could have taken the lead in the 75th minute. The striker was not yet mentally on the pitch. The striker does it better 180 seconds later. After a surge of energy and a remarkable solo by the substituted wimmer, the striker pushes the ball into the mesh for 1: 2. In the final phase, the hosts had a big and a quarter chance of the equalizer. Pentz excelled in a Tartarotti shot (85 ‘). In added time the hosts could have scored the equalizer! In the 94th minute the substitute moved the ball free-standing past the long goal corner. Final score in the Cashpoint Arena 1: 2.

A result which was okay due to the performance increase of the guests from the federal capital. After the break, Altach looked tired and disorganized for long stretches and had sporting problems with the changes in the violets that were made during the break.

This means that Austria Vienna wins the Quali Group. Before that, SCR Altach already had at least the second place in the table in its pocket. Both teams will meet again next Wednesday. Then this duel is on the agenda in the Europa League play-off in the Generali Arena.

SCR Altach vs. Austria Vienna 1: 2 (1: 0)

Cashpoint Arena, without spectators (coronavirus), SR Mag. Drachta

Goals: Tartarotti (27.) or Sax (57.), Edomwonyi (78.)

SCR Altach: Kobras – Anderson, Dabanli, Schmiedl, Karic (46./Thurnwald) – Sam (46./Meilinger), Tartarotti, Zwischenbrugger (68./Maak), Fischer (30./Oum Gouet), Pangop (76. / Gebauer) – Nussbaumer
Austria Vienna: Pentz – Klein, Madl, Palmer-Brown, Zwierschitz – Ebner (74./Jeggo), Demaku (46./Sax) – Sarkaria, Grünwald (87./Borkovic), Pichler (64./Wimmer) – Monschein (74./Edomwonyi)

June 30, 2020

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