Video : a rich American couple comes out heavily armed to defend his property against protesters


The scene is hardly believable. The protesters-american movement “Black lives matter” going to the home of the mayor of Saint Louis, Lyda Krewson, to demand his resignation, have been threatened Sunday by a cup of lawyers, heavily armed, while they were passing in front of their villa.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey were filmed pointing their weapons in the direction of the 300 people walking in front of them. He held a rifle type AR-15, when his wife preferred to brandish a handgun. NBC News reports that the portals of several properties in the area have been damaged. The irony of history that the couple in question has made the defence of the victims of personal injury and damage to his speciality.

The president, Trump has retweeted a video of the incident, without comment. The scene was, it was no doubt shocked a large number of people. Others saw the opportunity to launch a even parodying the McCloskey…

The protesters demanded the resignation of the mayor of Saint Louis, guilty of having disclosed the names and addresses of a number of residents had suggested that the police service of the city. She has since apologized.

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