version 8.0 and the ARMS Min Min fighter set have arrived


As promised, Nintendo released today the version 8.0 and the fighter set 6 with ARMS Min Min for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The update giving access to the new version of the game is of course free, and as usual, in addition to giving access to the fighter set and the new costumes for Mii fighter, it allows you to get it in the trunk store spirits from the table of additional spirits added via fighter set 6, find several spirits now in the normal spirit table and the store, as well as balancing adjustments for certain fighters (see the full list in English on the American site at this address).

A new illustration was also released on the occasion of the release of fighter set 6:

Like the other sets, the Min Min fighter set can be purchased separately for the price of € 5.99 as well as in the Fighters Pass 2, always offered at a price of € 29.99. Of course, if you already had the Fighters Pass before, you will just have to download the new update. Like the other sets, the Min Mn fighter set also contains a new stage, new music, a new route for the classic mode and a table of spirits with ARMS characters.

The new costumes for Mii fighter (which can be purchased separately for € 0.80 per unit) are: ARMS Ninjara (boxer), Heihachi (boxer) from Tekken, Ayo (boxer) and Oly (shooter) from Splatoon as well as a surprise guest Fallout Vault Boy.

As with the first pass, the fighter sets will contain, in addition to each new fighter, a new stage, new music, a new route for the classic mode and a dedicated table of minds. As for that of Min Min, the next sets can be purchased individually at the price of € 5.99. All these sets will be available between this year and December 31, 2021. Note that for any purchase of the pass, we receive directly an exclusive Mii swordsman costume, corresponding to Link’s archaeological equipment in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Here is the recording of the presentation of the Min Min fighter set, the official videos broadcast after the presentation, gameplay sequences as well as our summary about what you need to know about the fighter set 5:

The new conditions for recording this presentation video have allowed Sakurai to offer us many anecdotes about his work (some already known, such as his two televisions which allow him to play and watch TV at the same time), the development of Min Min or the origins of certain elements of Super Smash Bros., such as the fact that Min Min was chosen simply because the producer of ARMS, Kosuke Yabuki, wanted it to be her, especially since she had won the Party Crash Tournament which had been organized for the second anniversary of the game. It was the same for Sakurai, but he had also considered Ninjara. Regarding Spring man, contrary to what one might think, the developers of ARMS do not consider him as the emblematic character of the game. Indeed, for them, all the fighters are the heroes, which explains why they appear in the Final Smash of Min Min. Like the other new fighters, Min Min was treated to an elaborate animated trailer, with Captain Falcon and Kirby who were invited to eat the good ramen of heroin.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

81st fighter to join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Min Min has a fighting style which therefore rests on its extendable arms with the Ramram, theElectroshock where the Dragon laser shooter that can be manipulated at will and that will offer multiple techniques. Sakurai promises that Min Min is truly unique and that it is very effective against heavy characters. However, it is logically not very good at close combat, and fast or aerial characters will give it a hard time.

In addition to having presented all the moves and techniques of Min Min, and tried some fights with her, Sakurai showed the stage of his set, which is none other than the Spring internship directly from ARMS. It has several features, such as side jump platforms or arches overlooking the stage, where the projected opponents can bounce on it. Subsequently, we learned that the Min Min fighter set will add a total of 18 new tracks for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, whose two taking advantage of a new arrangement : ARMS Grand Prix Official Theme Song and Ramen Bowl. So, all the pieces of the ARMS courses, composed by Atsuko Asahi and Yasuaki Iwata, will be included in the set, and it’s Asahi who made the new arrangements. Note that the fighter set also offers a new route for classic mode and a table of spirits with ARMS characters.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Sakurai recalled that by buying costumes for Mii fighter, this can have an impact on certain targets of the table of the spirits, like the example of the Cuphead costume which he showed during the presentation. The developers also plan to modify other targets in the same way with future updates.

Speaking of update, version 8.0 adds an option in Spirits mode which will allow you to fight again via a new icon, then see the records. By beating minds this way, a score will increase. Sakurai also spoke about the rather high difficulty of certain fights against spirits, and to help us, he showed some tricks allowing to very easily defeat certain spirits (in the video of presentation above, the tricks are shown here). Sakurai also recalled that it is now possible to fight against several spirits.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Finally, Sakurai mentioned the amiibo. He teased the possible arrival of amiibo based on the new appearances of certain characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Zelda and Ganondorf for example), and announced that the amiibo of Joker from Persona 5 and the hero of Dragon Quest XI: Fighters of Destiny – Ultimate Edition will be available soon. Their release is already scheduled for this autumn. However, Nintendo is not yet sure and certain of being able to create amiibo representing all the combatants released in DLC, even if Sakurai confirmed that some will be entitled to it.

Super Smash Bros. UltimateSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. UltimateSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate

About the end of the video, where Sakurai focuses on Captain Falcon, like the trailer for Min Min, the most enthusiastic will see it as a kind of teasing for the return of F-Zero. You should know that, just to record the scene where Captain Falcon enjoys his ramen, it was decided to use his original seiyuu, Ryo Horikawa (known to be Vegeta’s famous voice in Dragon Ball, or even Dunban from Xenoblade Chronicles, and to whom many fans still ask him to repeat the famous “Falcon Punch!”). However, for games, the developers have never made new recordings for Captain Falcon since its first appearance (apart from characters like Yoshi where the developers reuse audio assets from Nintendo).

Sakurai revealed that the reply ” Come on, Blue Falcon! In his final Smash is actually from a recording for the episode Nintendo 64, which had never been used. Indeed, it should have been applied for its final smash in this game, the developers having already had the idea of ​​implementing final smash at that time. But ultimately, the project had been abandoned, and so it was several years later that “Come on, Blue Falcon! Could be used.

The frieze updated with Min Min (click on the illustration to display and download it in real size, but beware, the size is more than 20 MB)

Today’s matches live

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