Valais – People will vote on large predators


The constitutional initiative “For a canton of Valais without large predators” will be submitted to the polls. The State Council recommends accepting it.

The lynx is included in the constitutional initiative “For a canton of Valais without large predators”, in the same way as the wolf and the bear.


The Council of State considers that it is important that the population of Valais can express themselves on the problem of large predators. He therefore decided to propose to the Grand Council to submit the constitutional initiative “For a canton of Valais without large predators” to the polls while recommending to accept it.

Acceptance of the popular initiative will not fundamentally change the current and future situation in the canton for large predators, according to a message from the Valais government published on Tuesday. And to emphasize that “the canton also has only a small margin of maneuver to enact a cantonal concept in terms of large predators”.

The cantonal initiative for a Valais without a large predator (wolf, lynx, bear) was launched in 2016 by a dozen Haut-Valaisans. It was completed in January 2017 with 9,545 signatures, 3,545 more than necessary. On January 25, 2017, the State Council transmitted the initiative to the Grand Council. After preliminary examination and modification of the text, the popular initiative was declared admissible by the deputies on September 12, 2019.

The text requires the introduction of a new article 14bis in the cantonal Constitution, the content of which is as follows: “The State draws up prescriptions against large predators, and the limitation and regulation of the number of large predators. Promotion of the population of large predators is prohibited. ”

Revision of federal law

Since its reappearance in Switzerland in 1995, then the formation of the first packs in 2012, the wolf has been regularly in the line of sight of certain parliamentarians both in Valais and in the Federal Chambers in Bern.

The Swiss are also called to vote on a draft revision of the Federal Hunting Law (LChP) on September 27. This text adapts the rules of cohabitation between the wolf and the human being to “current realities”, according to the message of the Federal Council.

In order for predators to retain their natural fear of humans, livestock and communities, the cantons may allow killings before wolves have done any damage. But the shots will be linked to several very strict preconditions.

Requirements already met

For the canton of Valais, the legislation in force, as well as the revised legislation which will enter into force in the event of acceptance of the LChP therefore already largely meets the requirements of the initiative.


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