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The Supreme Court is against a law in Louisiana that only one abortion clinic, there would have remained. In another decision, it paves the way for executions at the Federal level.

The highest U.S. court has taken two important decisions. With its new conservative majority, the Supreme Court has paved the way for the resumption of executions at the Federal level, and a controversial bill for stricter rules on abortions in the state of Louisiana conceded.

The abortion law that would have had a far-reaching consequences for the continued existence of the abortion clinics in Louisiana was unconstitutional, decided five of the nine judges on the Supreme Court. It was the first ruling in the United States is a highly contentious issue of abortion, the Supreme Court issued its new conservative majority and, surprisingly, the more liberal was. The chief justice John Roberts joined the decision by the four more liberal judges.

The White house said it was a “unlucky judgment”. The Supreme Court values the health of mothers and the lives of unborn children, said spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany.

The law in Louisiana stated that only Doctors pregnancy may make crashes with a permission, patients with complications to a nearby hospital ward. Due to the difficulty of getting such an approval From threatened several abortion clinics is the. Only a clinic with a doctor, and would have remained there, where, however, not more than 30 percent of the approximately 10 000 annual abortions could be carried out, as is clear from the remarks of the court. The law does not offer significant health Benefits, instead, it was a “significant obstacle” for women seeking an abortion.

The speaker of the house of representatives, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, welcomed the decision of the court. “The draconian abortion ban in Louisiana was a clear and intentional violation of the Constitution,” said Pelosi. The law was designed to strip women of their right to decide for themselves about their health, their body and family planning. The Supreme Court had conceded in 2016, an almost identical law in Texas, in the episode 20 of the 40 abortion clinics were closed. The Federal government had justified the law to the women’s health protect.

US President, Donald Trump has appointed in his tenure, two of the nine judges and the court to a conservative majority gives. Abortion proponents feared that a conservative Preponderance in the Supreme Court could lead to the right to abortion.

The issue in the USA is highly controversial. Trump had argued in the past to leave the decision about abortion to the women. During the election campaign, in 2016, the Republicans changed his attitude and said that he was in favour of the protection of unborn life. A landmark judgment of the Supreme Court of 1973, under the acronym “Roe v. Wade”, and legalized abortion. Trump and many of his Republican advocate, the judgment to reopen.

Court paves way for resumption of executions

In another decision, the Supreme Court has decided in the spirit of Trump, and the way for the resumption of executions at the Federal level, paved. This could be enforced after about 17 years of age, soon the death penalty on the Federal level. The judge decided on Monday by majority, that on the of the Trump government to invoke the rules for the desired recovery will not be negotiated.

While many U.S. States carry out the death penalty, has existed at the Federal level since 2003, so for about 17 years, no death penalty. The death penalty has been imposed since then, but not enforced. Cases in which offenders were sentenced by Federal courts to death, in the Hand of the Federal government. Minister of justice, William Barr announced the end of July last year, a Change in the regulations that should allow for a resumption of executions. US President, Trump has long been a supporter of the death penalty.

In dispute with Barr’s Changes, not the executions themselves, but the execution methodology. In the lower instance, it was previously decided that the execution by lethal injection with a single active ingredient, as the government decided on a law from 1994 is contradicted by the mixture of three ingredients is required. The decision from the mounting means for the four Convicted, that their executions have become more likely. You could also be stopped by the lower courts because of other reasons.

In recent years, a number of US have abolished the Federal States, the death penalty or its execution suspended. According to the Death Penalty Information center, there is no longer this maximum penalty, in the meantime, about 20 of the 50 US States. In March of 2019 with California suspended – the state of tracts with the largest number of inmates in Death – the death penalty by decree.

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