Up to 10.45 euros in 2022 – How the minimum wage should rise now – politics


The statutory minimum wage in Germany is to increase in four stages by July 1, 2022 from the current EUR 9.35 to EUR 10.45. This is recommended by the responsible commission in a decision presented in Berlin on Tuesday.

The minimum wage should initially rise by 15 cents to EUR 9.50 in early 2021 and then reach EUR 10.45 in three further steps.

The statutory minimum wage applies to employees over the age of 18. There are exceptions, for example for trainees. Several industries have their own, higher minimum wages, such as construction and maintenance.

The general minimum wage was introduced in 2015 at EUR 8.50 and is regularly adjusted.

The minimum wage commission bases its proposal on the tariff development and the economic situation. The committee has three employer and employee representatives with voting rights, two advisory scientists and the chairman, whose vote decides in the event of a stalemate.

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