Unveiling in September – iPhone 12 to be sold without a charger and headphones


Apple apparently no longer wants to deliver headphones or a charger with the upcoming model. This is supposed to save resources and could boost the sale of accessories.

The current generation: Models of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro are presented in an Apple store.

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Small, white headphones are Apple’s trademark. The first so-called earbuds came with the MP3 player iPod in 2001. The first iPhone was also delivered with white, wired headphones in 2007. 2020 could be over now.

Apple plans to reduce the scope of delivery for the upcoming iPhone model, as tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reports. In the future, headphones will no longer be included in the box, and the previously included power adapter to charge the device will also disappear. It is unclear whether a cable is still included.

Cost compensation for 5G

Although the scope of delivery is shrinking, the prices should remain the same. The savings are intended to offset the higher costs for the planned 5G components, Kuo writes in his report. For Apple, not using a charger and headphones should have other positive consequences.

On the one hand, it could drive the sale of Apple’s wireless headphones, the Airpods. Leaving out could also make the packaging thinner and lighter. Even if this is only a few grams per unit – extrapolated to several million pieces, Apple could save a lot of freight costs and at the same time have less impact on the environment.

CHF 35 for a charger

From an ecological point of view, omitting makes sense. Most users should already have a charger and headphones. This can reduce electronic waste. However, such a step should also lead to complaints. If you want to buy the cable headphones and an 18-watt charger separately from Apple, it costs $ 65, like the techWebsite 9to5mac.com calculates.

What is in the Kuo assessment and report will show in the autumn at the earliest. If Apple adheres to the schedule of previous years, the iPhone 12 should be seen for the first time in September.

The iPhone 11 and the 1Phone 11 Pro can do that.

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