Ubisoft CEO promises far-reaching changes


Shaken by the speech of the last few days on social networks and the numerous testimonies alleging sexual misconduct, psychological harassment and abuse of power in the video game industry for many years, the big boss of Ubisoft promises to take control of the situation.

Isabelle Massé
Isabelle Massé
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In a letter sent to employees on Monday, Yves Guillemot said he wanted to change the way of proceeding to resolve these problems. “I want to express my deep solidarity to all those who have been directly injured and assure you that I will personally follow each of the situations reported,” he said. These actions are in total contradiction with our values ​​and with what I want for Ubisoft. ”

Without naming the type of allegations at issue, its CEO and co-founder wants to thoroughly review “systems so that this type of situation cannot happen again.” He says he wants to offer a respectful environment that contributes to the development of all and create a multidisciplinary working group to implement tools and solutions. He thus hopes to “detect, report and resolve any incident or serious problem without delay and in an impartial manner,” he explains. To reach these proposals, with the support of an external partner, this working group will have to listen to you and organize focus group sessions to get your feedback. I will participate regularly in these moments of exchange. ”


Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft

Three days earlier, a union of Ubisoft employees in Paris, Solidaires Informatique, also said in a letter that it wanted an identification of “all the people, the mechanisms and the culture that enabled and protected these violence and radically changing it, rather than a few layoffs, in external communication and damage control. This is a minimum, which will not be able to repair the countless female talents that the company will have stifled[s] under this violence, but which we hope will help break, at least at Ubisoft, this vicious circle that is prevalent throughout the industry. ”

Solidaires Informatique, a member of the Interprofessional Solidaires Union in France, also salutes the courage of all those who have spoken over the years. “We extend our full support to them, and we reaffirm our determination to fight against all forms of male violence against women. ”

Stream of testimonials

Last week, the flood of testimonies, targeting particularly Ubisoft, led to internal investigations in the organization, then to the suspensions of the vice-presidents Maxime Béland (Toronto) and Tommy François (Paris), in addition to “many other employees “, According to the Bloomberg agency. The turmoil has also taken the creative director of the next installment of the famous franchise Assassin’s Creed, to be released this fall. Ashraf Ismail, who worked in Montreal, left his post.

Joined by The Press To find out if there have been any other suspensions since then, Ubisoft’s Montreal studio responded by email that several investigations are underway. “The affected employees have been suspended,” writes Cédric Orvoine, director of external communications and public relations for Ubisoft. We will not comment specifically on the cases or the progress of the investigations. ”

– With Jean-François Codère, The Press

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