Two relegations – only 1: 1: YB rubs on Servette – sport


  • YB has to be satisfied with a 1: 1 at Servette.
  • Koné converts a penalty to the Geneva lead, Joker Sulejmani immediately equalizes.
  • YB’s Nsame flies because of an assault, Geneva Frick because of hands.
  • St. Gallen can become the sole leader on Wednesday.

Only 20 men were standing on the lawn of the Stade de Genève: in the 70th minute, Jean-Pierre Nsame let himself be slapped in the face against Geneva’s captain Anthony Sauthier. Referee Stefan Horisberger dismissed the Ex-Servettien after consulting the VAR.

Shortly before the end, Servéré’s jailer Jérémy Frick underestimated a patch. He could only help himself with a handball outside the penalty area. Because he was the last man, he also saw the red card.

Two goals within three minutes

However, neither team was able to use the respective momentum to win. So it stayed at the overall fair 1: 1.

The goals had been scored within three minutes:

1-1 after goals, 1-1 after relegation – and also 1-1 after post shots: Nsame had hit the goal in the first half, Kastriot Imeri in the 77th minute.

YB was unable to shake off his weakness away from home. The Bernese scored only 17 of their 52 points on foreign turf. For Servette it was the 5th draw in a row. Any secret hopes of even being able to intervene in the championship race with a super restart must have buried even the most die-hard Servette fans.

Can St. Gallen benefit?

After losing the YB point, St. Gallen can become the sole leader with a win on Wednesday at Xamax. Basel could also catch up to three points with the Seoane team.

For Servette, the FCZ will continue on Saturday, YB will receive FC Lugano the next day.

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